Date Night at Bonefish Grill & Rest of Weekend!!…

Hey there!  Happy Monday!  I don’t know about you but the weekend just flew by.  I feel like it was just Friday and now it’s Monday already.  I swear weekends need to go by slower.  What did you do this weekend?

My weekend started off with a lovely dinner thanks to the folks at Bonefish Grill.  We were invited to enjoy dinner at the location in Lawerenceville, NJ.  I was really excited for us to have dinner at Bonefish.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants.  You know any time that you dine at Bonefish that it is going to be great.  The food is fabulous and cooked to perfection.  Everything on the menu is fresh and I noticed they have added some new interesting sides that I cannot wait to go back and try!

We started our meal with their bread and pesto oil.  I swear this pesto oil is so delicious.  I am a huge fan of pesto and adding it to oil is the perfect accompaniment to hot bread.

Bread with the pesto oil

Bread with the pesto oil

We were both starving once we sat down so we knew we needed to order an appetizer.  Now, I don’t eat beef often but I figured the beef in these dumplings wouldn’t be so overwhelming and it wasn’t like eating a steak.  So I agreed for us to try it out.

Waygu Beef Dumplings

Waygu Beef Dumplings

I was right.  The beef was not overpowering at all.  The dipping sauce that the dumplings were sitting in was delicious.  I probably could have drank the sauce because of how good it tasted.  It was tangy and a little sweet.  It balanced the dumplings perfectly.  I could eat these dumplings with a salad and a side for my meal, they were that good!  I highly recommend trying these for an appetizer.

For my meal, I knew I was going to order salmon.  I was craving salmon and I never make it at home because Mike is not a huge fan of it.  Any time I get the chance to order it when I am out, I do because I like it so much.  Salmon has a lot of great health benefits too especially when you are pregnant.

I ordered the half-size of salmon with potatoes au gratin as my side.  Bonefish always offers a seasonal vegetable that they put on your plate along with a side of your choosing.  This seasonal vegetable was a mixture of chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes.  It was interesting and I actually really liked it.  I liked how simple it was and the chickpeas maintained their texture.  They weren’t mushy.  I would love to make this as a side one night for dinner at home.  I might try my hand at doing so.

Salmon with butter sauce

Salmon with butter sauce

The half-size of salmon was huge!  I can only imagine how big the full size is.  This was plenty for me.  I completely forgot to take a photo of our dessert!  So I’m going to use one from the Bonefish website.

Yes, that was our dessert!  Strawberry shortcake.  As I’m sitting here now, I find myself wanting to have that right now.  It was fantastic!  I think it was probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.  I liked that it was light flaky biscuits with fresh strawberries, custard sauce and whipped cream.  It’s a seasonal dessert and I think I might just need to go back for that dessert.  Mike and I both loved it and he is more of a chocolate dessert person.  Definitely order this and you won’t be disappointed!  We had such a great evening enjoying the food of Bonefish.  Thank you so much for this perfect evening!  Have you ever had strawberry shortcake?  Do you like it?

On Saturday, I ventured out with my Melissa and my mom.  We went to a kid’s consignment sale and I ended up buying one item.  I will show you what I bought during my 19 Week Recap.  I couldn’t pass this item up and it was only $1.  So it was a great deal!  I saw so many cute clothes but nothing was gender neutral.  Although, I have a feeling of what gender I think the baby is, I wasn’t going to purchase girl items in the case that it might actually be a boy.  So I held off and it was hard.  I found so many cute clothes and they were very cheap.  I might go to two other consignment sales this weekend coming up and I will actually be able to buy the gender clothing that I want.  So exciting!

We ran a couple more errands.  The weather was just miserable.  The three of us were drowned rats because of the pouring rain.  I didn’t care.  I was having fun with them and that is all that matters.

On Sunday, Mike and I ran our food shopping errands and then finally starting cleaning the second bedroom!  Yay!  All of Mike’s clothes that were in there are now in our room.  We cleaned out our entire closet except for shoes.   We made a ton of progress.  We still have a TON to do but at least we started to make a dent in things.  I want the weather to be nice so we can move boxes into the garage.  I didn’t want to do that while it’s raining and ruin my belongings.  I know we will get everything done.  It’s just going to take time.

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  We find out the baby’s gender!  I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight.  I’m anxious and excited.  Plus, I just cannot wait to see the baby on the ultrasound.  It’s been 8 weeks since we’ve seen it last so I can only imagine how big and different the baby will look.  I will fill you in on the gender once our families know.

On that note, have a great Monday!


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