My 30th Birthday Celebration!…

Hey there!  Thank you SO much for your birthday wishes!  They are much appreciated.  I have to say that yesterday was an absolute perfect day.  If I could bottle yesterday up and just keep it with me forever I would be happy.  It really made me embrace my 30’s with open arms.  All of my fears and anxiety went away and I truly feel like I am proud to say I am 30 years old.  I don’t think I look like I am 30 which is a good thing and I definitely don’t feel 30.  That is why I say age is just a number.

My day started off with a stop at Starbucks to get my free birthday drink.  I enjoyed a decaf skim milk misto with vanilla syrup.  I haven’t had one in such a long time!  I skipped the soy because I haven’t been having any soy milk since I’ve been pregnant.  I’m actually okay from skim milk which is odd but I’d rather have that than soy.  I typically stick with almond milk but Starbucks does not carry that so I settle for skim.  My coffee drink tasted delicious.  I walked into work and was surprised by my entire desk decorated for my birthday.  My co-workers decorated my entire desk which was really nice of them and unexpected.  The funny thing is that a woman in my department also has the same birthday as me so we had double birthday celebrations yesterday.  My boss brought breakfast in for everyone and then we had cupcakes for dessert in the afternoon.  It was a really nice way to celebrate and I was thankful that they felt the need to do that for me.

After work, Mike and I went over to Melissa and my mom’s house to pick them up to go out to dinner!  Mexican was on the agenda!  We went to my favorite Mexican place and I ordered my most favorite burrito!

Chicken Burrito

Chicken Burrito

For the first time in my life, I actually finished my entire meal!  I’ve never done that.  I guess I was quite hungry.  I’m not really sure but either way I completely enjoyed it and I enjoyed the company even more.  When we were done dinner, we ventured back to their house to enjoy birthday cake.

My cake

My cake

Side of my cake.  I love the ombre colors!

Side of my cake. I love the ombre colors!

Me with my cake!

Me with my cake!

Chocolate and Vanilla cake with Peanut butter mousse filling!

Chocolate and Vanilla cake with Peanut butter mousse filling!

The cake was fantastic!  Mike ordered it from a different place than where we usually get cakes from because they were closed and I have to say that I liked this place better!  The peanut butter mousse was fantastic and the cake itself was moist and had flavor.  I really enjoyed it!  My mom made decaf coffee for us all to enjoy with the cake.

In that moment being with Melissa, Mike, my mom and Oliver, I truly felt so loved and I took in every single moment because I was so happy.  I absolutely love my family and I would do anything and everything for them.  I think all of us had such a nice night and it really made me embrace this whole being 30 thing.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day surrounded by those I love.

So thank you very much again for your birthday wishes!  I really appreciate it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my 18 Week recap!  We are so close to finding out the gender.  I can’t believe it.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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