Hi there!  Happy Monday to you!  I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging but I am really back now and ready to go.  I’ve had a nice break from work for the holidays.  It’s been lovely.  I have had off from work since last Wednesday and I am off until Wednesday.  Although, from the sounds of it, we might be getting a huge snowstorm.  In that case, I might have off even longer.  I’m looking forward to the fact that we might be getting a huge storm.  I’ve had enough of the small ice storms.  I would much rather have one big snowstorm.

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I did a lot of relaxing, and movie watching during my time off.  I spent some time with friends and family.  I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family throughout my next few days off.  Family means everything to me.  Melissa and I met up with our half-sister over the weekend and it went really great.  I was pretty nervous before and it ended up going better than I could have imagined.  We are looking forward to hanging out again.  I also had a chance to catch up with my friend Shari. It was nice to have the chance to catch up.

I also tried out a recipe that I loved!  It was for Lemon Chicken Parmesan.  It was a nice change from the normal chicken parm.  I loved the lemon flavor and the mozzarella cheese together.

Lemon Chicken Parmesan

Lemon Chicken Parmesan

One night Mike made our favorite guacamole!  He is in charge of making it in our house because it always turns out so good!


Mike's guacamole

Mike’s guacamole

Another night I made pasta with vodka sauce and turkey meatballs.  I haven’t had vodka sauce in such a long time and it was nice to have it again.  We used my favorite pasta, bucatini.  It’s hard to find bucatini in the store.  I’ve only seen it at one ShopRite that I go to and it’s always 99 cents.


Bucatini with Vodka Sauce and Turkey Meatballs

Bucatini with Vodka Sauce and Turkey Meatballs

I was going to make beef meatballs but I haven’t had beef in well over a year.  I stopped eating beef as most of you know when I was going through everything with my stomach.  I am careful with what I eat and I’m just nervous about introducing beef back into my diet.  At some point I would like to.  I’d like to start with organic, grass-fed beef.  That is very pricy though but better for you in the long run.  We shall see what I decide.

I introduced Mike to Jimmy John’s!  I absolutely love Jimmy John’s sandwiches!  If you haven’t tried them, you are missing out!  So good.  The bread that they use for their sandwiches is so soft which I love.  I ordered the vegetarian hoagie because it’s a favorite of mine.  Mike went with their Italian hoagie.

My vegetarian Jimmy John's hoagie

My vegetarian Jimmy John’s hoagie

Jimmy chips

Jimmy chips

Have you ever had Jimmy John’s?  What is your favorite sandwich to order from there?

I mentioned above that I saw quite a few movies.  I finally got a chance to watch The Help.  I know; it’s been out for so many years but I just haven’t had the chance to see it.  I was so glad that I finally watched it.  It was so good and it definitely on my list of top favorite movies.  In addition to The Help, I also watched Beautiful Creatures, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Saving Mr. Banks, The Wolf of Wall Street, Christmas on the Bayou, and A Snowglobe Christmas.

I was not a fan of The Wolf of Wall Street at all.  It was way too long and I didn’t like anything about it.  I wish we would have seen American Hustle instead.  We were debating back and forth which one to see and ended up with the wrong one I guess.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about American Hustle.  I thought Saving Mr. Banks was a good movie but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.  Since I am a Disney fanatic, it was great to watch a movie about Disney and one of my favorite Disney movies, Mary Poppins.  I thought Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks were great in the movie.  They made it worth watching.

So there you have what I’ve been up to lately.  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow night is New Years Eve.  I am welcoming 2014 with open arms.  I think it will be a good year.  I hope you have a great Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. We went and saw Saving Mr. Banks as well. I thought it was excellent. I am a Disney nut as well and wasn’t sure what to expect. I think it will be one to add to the DVD collection for sure.

    What a bummer about The Wolf on Wall Street. Long movies that don’t interest you are torture to sit through!

    Enjoy the rest of your time off.

  2. I saw Saving Mr. Banks, too, and really enjoyed it — was worth braving the insanity of the movie theater on a Friday night! Ooh, and The Help is one of my absolute favorites. Have you read the book, too? I adored it.

    So nice to see you on Saturday! :)

  3. I still haven’t seen Mr Banks, but I really want to! And I haven’t been to Jimmy Johns even though there is one right down the street AND one of my teen girls that I mentor works there. I really should try it! Your sandwich looks good! :) Glad you had a relaxing break and especially glad that things went well with meeting up with your half sister! I didn’t realize you had a half sister.

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