Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday to you!  I apologize for not posting anything yesterday.  I didn’t have anything to blog about and I decided to just take the day off from blogging.  I’m back and ready to go today!  I am completely exhausted today because I went to bed really late.  I hope I can get to bed early tonight or at least tomorrow night because my eye keeps twitching.  That is super annoying.  I hate that.  It’s really irritating especially when you are talking to someone and you can feel your eye twitching like crazy.  It’s really irritating!

Anyway, on Tuesday night, we decided to have breakfast for dinner which happens to be one of my favorite things to do for dinner.  It’s quick and easy and always something that tastes great.  So I made myself a pepper-jack cheese omelette.

My breakfast for dinner

My breakfast for dinner

I’ve been loving pepper-jack cheese lately.  I don’t know why but I’m on a kick with it and I’m just going with it.  It’s a different change from the normal American and mozzarella cheese.  Who am I kidding?  I love all kinds of cheese!  At least with some of those cheeses they are lactose-free which makes my life much easier.  I like when I don’t have to take lactaid to enjoy cheese or dairy.  I’ve been alright eating the pepper-jack cheese too.  So that is even better.  What is your favorite type of cheese? I also like Brie cheese.  I haven’t had brie in a long time!

Moving on to Wednesday.  Mike parent’s invited Mike and I to join them to the Phillies game.  Mike’s dad got tickets from his work and invited us to go with them.  I haven’t been to a Phillies game in a long time.  I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve been to a game.  Mike and I used to go to Phillies games all the time.  The summer of us dating, I think we went to games like every week!  I was obsessed with going and we would get there really early and were able to watch them practice.  Mike even caught us two balls that they players threw up to us back in the day.  It was fun.

I was nervous that it was going to rain the entire time that we were there.  It started spitting a little bit but luckily nothing came to be and we ended up staying dry.  I got a turkey burger to eat and little did I know that it had some strange spicy salsa on top.  It was really bad!  I think the next time I go to the park, I will bring my own sandwiches.  I was actually going to suggest to Mike that we bring hoagies from Wawa and then I completely forgot.  I wish I would have remembered.  I think the only person satisfied with their food choice was Mike.  My mother and law and I hated our dinners.  Oh well.  You live and you learn.





Mike and I, with me awkwardly taking the picture

Mike and I, with me awkwardly taking the picture

I was glad to be back watching a Phillies game.  I wouldn’t mind going again when it’s nicer weather outside.  Do you like going to sporting events?  What is your favorite baseball team?  The Phillies are doing really bad this year so the stadium was pretty much empty.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that empty since I’ve been going to games.  It was nice that you could actually walk around and see everything in plain sight.

Alright, well that is all that I have for today.  Have a lovely Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!…

  1. I was at the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert over in Camden and had the same worry about the weather. The sky looked so threatening. Luckily it didn’t start pouring until we were almost home.

    Glad you had fun at the game! :)

    • Oh my gosh! That is crazy. I’m glad that it held off until you got home. Melissa and I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert in Camden years ago and it poured! The entire city was flooded. It took forever to get to that concert.

      Thank you :)

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