Make It A Pizza Night!!…

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your week is going good so far.  Mine has been very stressful.  Yesterday was a very hard and emotionally draining day for me as I’m sure the majority of this week will be.  I promise I will go into details when I feel ready.  I hate to be all cryptic and everything but I just need to wait a little bit longer and then I will talk about what I am going through.  I think it will help me emotionally once I can write about things.

I’m loving this weather that we have lately.  There is a chance of thunderstorms everyday but it’s really been beautiful outside.  There is nothing better than a bright and sunny summer day.  Well that is my opinion.  We are supposed to be having a heat wave here.  I think temperatures will be in the 90’s for most of the week.  I can deal with heat.  I just hate humidity as I’m sure most of us girls do.  It destroys your hair.  It takes my flat-ironed hair and tries to make it curly.  I hate that.  I would wear my hair curly all the time if it didn’t frizz up.  Oh well.  Let’s move on.

I find that when I become really stressed out and emotional, I do one of two things.  I either plant myself in front of the tv and watch shows on my dvr that I take comfort in or I get myself into the kitchen and I start cooking and baking up a storm.  I think that is how I find comfort when I am stressed or upset.  What do you do to handle being upset or under a lot of stress?  Instead of choosing to cook or bake last night, I chose the television option.  Sometimes you just need to plant yourself on the sofa and watch trashy tv to make you feel better.  I do that with my reality shows.

Mike decided to make us pizza for dinner!  I’ve been on a pizza kick for the past few days.  The bad part about the pizza last night was that the bottom got a little too burnt for my liking.  That’s okay.  The sweet potato puffs made up for it.  I love those things!

My dinner plate

My dinner plate

We had mushrooms on our pizza and of course on Mike’s half he had pepperoni as usual.  He also roasted up some veggies and then we had two different types of Alexia fries.  We had the Organic Yukon Select fries.

Organic Yukon Select Fries

We also had the Sweet Potato Puffs.

Crispy Sweet Potato Puffs

I love Alexia potato products but they can be on the expensive side.  So the only time I get them is when I have a coupon and they are on sale.  It’s disappointing I know but I like saving money where we can.  What are you favorite types of fries?  I love the two types that I mentioned but I also like curly fries, the waffle fries from Chick-fil-A and my favorite fries all of all time have to be the steak fries from Red Robin with their seasoning that they put on the tables.  That seasoning makes all the difference!  We actually have the seasoning at home and only use it to season potatoes when we make them.  I don’t know what it is about that seasoning but it’s magical for sure!

Alright, well that is all I have for you today!  I hope today is much less stressful for me.  It was hard yesterday.

Have a great Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Make It A Pizza Night!!…

  1. Aww, I’m sorry it’s been such a tough week so far. I know you mentioned that the ultimate outcome of all this will be something exciting, so hopefully keeping that in mind will help with the difficult parts. Hang in there!

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