A Coupon Filled Weekend!!…

Hi there!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a good weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  Today is the first full week of work since the holidays.  So it was definitely rough this morning knowing that we don’t have any more consecutive days off for holidays.  Hopefully this week won’t drag on too much.  The weather is supposed to be very nice and mild this week so that should be a nice change.  Although, in the winter I love the cold.  I hate that it’s so cold in my house but most of the time I can deal with my space heater, layers and a snuggie.  Anyway, let’s get to my weekend recap.

So on Friday after work, Melissa and I went to see Promised Land.

This movie stars Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and Frances McDormand.  Matt and John actually produced and wrote the movie together.  I thought it was a very interesting movie.  It’s typically not something that I would see but I’m glad that I did.  It’s informative and I liked seeing Matt Damon and John Krasinski in a different light.  I think I’ve only seen John act funny and he was somewhat serious in this movie.  He had his funny moments but for the most part he was a serious character.  I’m glad that I saw it.

We saw an early movie, so after it was over, we ran a few errands.  Then we picked up Chinese food for dinner.  I had chicken with mixed vegetables and forgot to take a picture.  It was from my favorite Chinese restaurant so I was very happy.  After dinner, we watched tv and tried to watch the movie, The Words.  We couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of the movie.  It was so boring and disappointing.  I thought it would be good but it was a huge disappointment.

I ventured back home and tried to sleep.  It was very difficult sleeping this entire weekend for me.  Mike has been away on a business trip since Friday and he comes home today.  It was the first time since we’ve been living together for over 2 years that he has been gone for this long.  So I’m not used to sleeping by myself.  The people above us didn’t make things any easier.  I will explain why after I talk about Saturday.

On Saturday, I spent time with Melissa and my mom.  We ran some errands together.  I felt so incredibly tired because of the lack of sleep that I got on Friday night and I was just feeling sad.  Part of it was because I had a stressful day at work on Friday and I just kept thinking about everything that went on.  I was just not in the mood to do anything the rest of the day.  I spent the majority of the night relaxing.  I had cheese ravioli for dinner which I also forgot to take a picture of.  Look at me forgetting to take pictures.  I guess it was that kind of weekend.  Once I tried to go to sleep, I was abruptly woken up at 2am to screaming by the guy upstairs and then I heard him running around the house like a crazy person!  My heart literally almost jumped out of my chest.  I was having extreme heart palpitations and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I seriously almost drove to my mom’s house because I was so scared.

I laid there for about an hour and a half before I fell asleep.  I still didn’t get a good night’s rest.  I don’t know what it is with those people upstairs.  They are just beyond the point of rude.  I don’t understand it.

On Sunday, I got all of my coupons and deals together that I needed for the day.  I went out with Melissa and my mom again on Sunday so we could get some great deals!  I have to tell you, I LOVE couponing! It really does save you so much money and if you aren’t doing it, you are missing out!  My first incredible deal was at the Dollar Tree!  Did you know that Dollar Tree now accepts manufacturer coupons?!  I had no idea until Melissa told me.  Well I have been wanting to try Planters NUTrition Peanut Butter for a while now.  Honestly, I haven’t had peanut butter in several months because of my stomach but I have been wanting to try to reintroduce it and see how it goes.  So I wanted to try that brand of peanut butter.  Well I had a 70 cents off coupon that I printed out and Dollar Tree actually sells the peanut butter!  They sell the Banana Granola variety which is the one that I wanted to try!

Banana Granola Peanut Butter

Banana Granola Peanut Butter

So obviously this jar was a dollar because I was at Dollar Tree but I had a 70 cents off coupon, so I only ended up spending 25 cents for this jar of peanut butter!!!  Not a bad deal if you ask me!  I was so proud that it only cost me a quarter!  Talk about saving.  I cannot wait to try it!  I figure if it hurts my stomach to eat it straight then maybe I can bake it with it and it won’t hurt.  Who knows?  We shall see!

For food shopping, I typically shop at ShopRite.  I think they have the best sales and prices.  We ventured to a store about 25 minutes away from our houses because it was doing triple coupons!  Yes, you heard me correctly, triple coupons!!!  You will save SO much money if you go to a triple coupon store.  It’s incredible!!!  This store also happens to take Giant store coupons.  There were some good Giant store coupons to use at ShopRite this week.  So I used those coupons and look at how they scanned during my order.  I almost had a heart attack.

Look at the Cornish Hens...

Look at the Cornish Hens…

The Giant coupons somehow scanned as Cornish hens for $229!!!  My total went up to almost $500!!!  It’s because it was a different stores coupons.  So they had to manually correct everything.  I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack.  It’s pretty funny looking back on it now.

Well by using coupons, I will show you how much I saved.

Look at what I saved...

Look at what I saved…

I saved $43.42 by using coupons!  My total was only $30.54!  I saved more than I spent!  How do you like that?  I was so proud of myself.  I currently have 4 bottles of laundry detergent and 18 boxes of cereal.  For those items, I barely spent anything!!!  Oh, and I didn’t buy those items all in this trip.  I’m just talking in general.  I did get 1 bottle of laundry detergent for around $1 and some change and this was for All brand detergent.  I got 4 boxes of Special K cereals for $2.00!  If you thought my couponing was a success, you should have seen Melissa!  Her and my mom got a bunch of stuff and they only ended up spending $9.00 out of pocket!  It was unreal!  That included fresh chicken, fresh produce, cereal, among other things!  I was amazed!  I think the people behind us in line were shocked at how much money we saved.  I was proud of us!  Do you coupon?  If you don’t, would you ever?

For dinner last night I decided to have breakfast foods at Melissa and my mom’s house.

My dinner

My dinner

Don’t worry about my bagel, it’s just a blueberry bagel.  I know it looks moldy, but it’s not!  Haha!  I spent a little more time with Melissa and my mom then ventured home.  I had a lot of things to do around the house and I was proud of myself for getting everything done.  Now here we are back at work.  I have to say despite being sad about not having Mike around, I really did have a great weekend.  I’m so glad that I spent so much time with Melissa, my mom and of course Oliver!  It was much-needed.

Have a great Monday!

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6 thoughts on “A Coupon Filled Weekend!!…

  1. Happy Monday love! Sorry about your bad sleep, I have the same issue over here and I need to sleep NOW before the baby comes, I will get no sleep then, lol.

    Yay for coupons!

    Happy Monday! <3

  2. I wanted to see The Words when it was in theaters, but never got around to it … guess I won’t bother renting it now. Thanks for letting me know!

    I hope things are much less stressful at work this week!

  3. It’s weird to think of John Krasinski as anything but a funny role. I saw a preview for that movie and wondered how it would be.

    So sorry about you having trouble sleeping this weekend. That’s no fun at all! I hope you are able to catch up on rest soon! If I woke up at 2am by something like that, I certainly wouldn’t sleep well either!

    That’s amazing that you got PB for only 25 cents! Well done! :)

    • It really was interesting to see him in a more serious role. He did have funny moments too. It was interesting. It wasn’t something that I would normally watch. :)

      Thank you so much! I’m hoping to catch up on some sleep this week and weekend.

      Thank you! :)

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