Top 100 US Restaurants!!…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday to you!  We are getting that much closer to the weekend!  Wahoo!  It’s not even like I have plans this weekend but I’m just looking forward to relaxing and catching up on my dvr shows.  I could use a weekend to relax and take it easy and maybe do some organizing around the house.

Yesterday after work, Mike and I had plans because we saw that Chick-Fil-A was holding an event last night.  They were holding receipt day!  I had never heard of this concept until Melissa told me about it over the weekend.  The idea is that your Chick-Fil-A picks a day to hold this event.  Once you go there and order whatever you want, you hold on to your receipt until the following month.  Then any day in the following month, you can go back and get your same exact order of food that you ordered on receipt day for free!  I thought that was such a good idea.  We couldn’t pass it up!  Apparently, the rest of the community couldn’t pass it up either.  It was completely mobbed there!  We waited in line for a very long time and decided to just bring our food home with us and eat it there.  It was way too congested to eat in the restaurant.  I actually ordered a Cookies and Creme milkshake last night and I was highly impressed!  I’m glad I will be getting one for free along with the rest of my meal for free next month!  It was a great dinner decision.  Have you ever gone to receipt day?   

Since I was just talking about a restaurant and I’m no stranger to going out to eat, I would talk about a list that I saw posted yesterday.  I do enjoy going out to the occasional restaurant for dinner. I don’t like going out all the time but once a week or so is good for me.  A website that I like to use for making dinner reservations is Open TableDo you use Open Table? 

I have been using the site for years.  The best part is that you earn points for making reservations and some restaurants are worth more points than others.  When you reach a certain amount of points, you earn a dining certificate to use at any restaurant that uses Open Table!  I think that is a great concept!

Well yesterday, they posted a list of the Top 100 US Restaurants according to Open Table!  I love looking at lists like this to see if I have ever actually been to any of the restaurants listed.  Since I can’t feature them all on here, I’m going to list the restaurants that made the list in the Philadelphia/New York area.


Bibou- French cuisine

Fountain Restaurant – Global, international cuisine

Vetri- Italian cuisine

New York:


Annisa – American cuisine

Blue Hlls at Stone Barns – American cuisine

Bouley – French cuisine

Chachama Grill – Contemporary American cuisine

Daniel – French cuisine

Del Posto – Italian cuisine

Gramercy Tavern – American cuisine

Jean- Georges – French cuisine

Jungsik – Korean cuisine

King Umberto Restaurant – Italian cuisine

La Grenouille – French cuisine

Le Bernardin – French cuisine

The Modern – French cuisine

The North Fork & Table Inn – Contemporary American cuisine

Per Se – American cuisine

Scalini Fedeli – Italian cuisine

Eleven Madison Park – American cuisine

New Jersey:

Nicholas – Contemporary American cuisine


There you have the list of the restaurants from the Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey area.  I’m actually quite surprised with the list from New Jersey and Philadelphia.  I know there has to be a lot of other restaurants that were not mentioned.  I don’t know so much as the best restaurants in New Jersey but I know there are a lot in Philadelphia that were missed.  I sadly have not been to any of the restaurant mentioned anywhere on this list.  Have you been to any of the restaurants on the list? 

I know of people who have been to some of these restaurants.  I’ve heard amazing things about all of them!  I’d love to try Vetri in Philadelphia.  I have heard that it is incredibly hard to even get a reservation there and not to mention how expensive it is.  As you can probably tell, these restaurants are VERY expensive.  Sometimes an incredible experience at a restaurant is worth the hefty price tag if you are celebrating something special.  I just find these lists so interesting.  I’d be interested to see if any of you have been to any of these places and how it was!  So please do comment!

Alright, that is all for today.  Have a great Thursday!


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