Holiday Parties & A Birthday Celebration Filled Weekend!…

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  My weekend went by so quick!  I feel like I blinked my eyes and it was gone.  I wasn’t able to catch up any of my dvr shows and now my dvr is on the verge of being completely filled up!  Yikes.  Looks like I have a busy night ahead of me watching tv.  That is fine by me.  I could use some relaxation.  Plus,  I slept on my neck funny and I am having trouble looking to the right.  It’s awful.  I put heat on it last night but it didn’t seem to do much.  If you have any tips or tricks to get rid of a stiff neck, please send them my way.  I’m in pain and it’s hard to deal with.

Anyway, let’s recap the weekend, shall we?  On Friday, my work allowed us to leave at 3pm if we were attending the holiday party.  This years holiday party was held at the National Constitution Center in Philly.  We were able to also explore the Prohibition exhibit that they currently have running there.  Our party was held in a private room.  There was barely any food which was really disappointing. The food that they did have wasn’t good from what I was told.  It wasn’t anything that I was interested in and my stomach sure wasn’t going to be able to handle what they had.  It was disappointing.  Mike and I waited for our friends, Bob, Tarra and her husband to arrive and then we explored the exhibit together.

Opening of the exhibit

Opening of the exhibit


Another part of the exhibit

Another part of the exhibit




Tarra and I with Mike behind me and her husband behind her

Tarra and I with Mike behind me and her husband behind her

You may notice my dress is something similar that you have seen on here before.  I decided that rather spend money on something new, I would wear the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner since I only wore it one time.  I was glad that I was able to get another use out of the dress.  The exhibit wasn’t anything special much like the party.  It was extremely disappointing.  All of us were hungry so we ventured to Fridays for dinner afterwards.  I didn’t bother to take any pictures because I wanted to just enjoy myself.

The next morning, Mike and I woke up early and started a truffle making assembly line!  It was crazy.  We stood in the kitchen for almost 4 hours preparing truffles to bring to Mike’s cousins house for the Hanukkah party.  We made two different types of truffles.  We made Funfetti cake and Nutter Butter.  I will post recipes for both tomorrow.

Funfetti Truffles!

Funfetti Truffles!


Nutter Butter truffles!

Nutter Butter truffles!

These truffles were a HUGE hit at the party!  We ended up bringing a ton of them and by the time the party ended, they were gone!!  It was crazy.  It was nice to see Mike’s family, well my family too again.  Mike’s cousin was babysitting her friend’s little girl and the little girl came over to me and asked if she could sit on my lap.  Here I was a complete stranger and she felt a connection or something with me.  It was so cute.  I love being around little kids.

When the party was over, I picked up Melissa and we went out to finalize a few items that we needed to purchase for our Dad’s birthday.  I ended up hanging out at their house for a bit, catching up with my mom and playing with Oliver too.  Once I got home, Mike and I were so exhausted.  We lit our fireplace and found something random to eat for dinner in the house.  We finally watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1!  We are finally ready to go to the movies now and watch the final Twilight!  It makes me sad that we are almost done with all of the movies because I have really taken a liking to them.  I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart though.  She really annoys me.  I like everyone else in the movies though.  I’m looking forward to seeing the last and final Twilight.  Hopefully, we will get to see it this weekend before it leaves the movie theater.

On Sunday, Mike and I decided to make part of my Hanukkah gift that Melissa gave me!

Kodiak Cakes!

Kodiak Cakes!

I have been wanting to buy and try Kodiak cakes for SO long!  I haven’t bought the mix myself for some reason so I  was beyond excited when I saw she got me them!  She also got me really cute socks and Rachael Ray’s new cookbook!!!  I am so excited to start cooking from there!  She is the best sister in the entire universe!

Instead of making pancakes, we decided to make waffles since we have a cheap-o waffle machine.  It may have only cost $5 on Black Friday a couple of years ago but it sure does its job!

Kodiak cake waffles

Kodiak cake waffles

I think next weekend, I will add some pumpkin and cinnamon to the batter to make them pumpkin waffles!  I’m looking forward to that!  Are you more of a fan of pancakes or waffles?

I am totally behind in Hanukkah gifts right now.  I feel awful about it.  I’m hoping to get my act together this week and give out gifts for my loved ones.  I feel really bad.  I’m glad that Hanukkah is eight days though so I will be able to get my act together soon!

After breakfast, Mike and I ventured to Dick’s because he had a gift card from his birthday.  He ended up getting something and got me some socks.  If you couldn’t tell, I’m slacking in the sock department.  Now I should be good though!  After that, I picked up my mom and Melissa and we ran some errands together.  Once I got home, Mike and I got ready and got Melissa and drove to our dad’s house to pick him up.

We ventured to PF Changs to celebrate our dad’s birthday!  We had a lot of fun!  I tried on their new dishes, chicken and shrimp Pad Tai.  Oh my!  You need to run to PF Changs to try this dish!  I loved it so much.  I couldn’t stop talking about it the entire night!  It was amazing.  It’s only for a limited time.  So I’m hoping that I will get back there to try it again.  I think my dad had a nice birthday celebrating with the three of us.  It was nice to hang out.

Alright, well have a lovely Monday and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

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4 Responses

  1. Happy Hanukkah! :)

    For your neck – it’s not the same situation, but I’ve been having neck pain for a long time because of all my computer work (actually just found out last week that the muscles are inflamed & physical therapy will help) and sometimes it helps to use a cool pack on it. The heat usually makes it hurt worse. It could be completely different for you, but I figured I’d toss out the suggestion just in case.

    Those truffles look AMAZING! Glad you had a wonderful weekend of celebrating!

    • Thank you! Happy Hanukkah to you too! :)

      I tried the ice last night and it did seem to loosen things up a bit. I’m definitely going to try it again tonight. Thank for the suggestions love! :) I hope your neck feels better!

      Thank you so much! :)

  2. Glad the truffles went over so well and also that you got to wear your rehearsal dinner dress again! :) Sounds like a busy weekend for sure, hope you get some relaxing in tonight! :)

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