Wedding Recap: Our Reception!…

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  It’s only fitting that I do another wedding recap today since Wednesday was always Wedding Talk Wednesday for me.  I miss those days of planning.  Actually, I don’t miss the stress of it.  I just miss the actual process and looking forward to our wedding day and honeymoon.  Now that it’s over, I’m figuring out what the next thing to look forward to is.  Anyway, I am going to be recapping our reception today.  The next wedding post will be details that I haven’t shown of our wedding day yet.  Then I believe our wedding recaps will sadly be over.  Then I will be recapping our honeymoon. I think our honeymoon recap will be much faster than our wedding recaps.  So without further adieu, I present our wedding reception.

Our reception started at 8pm and ended at 12am.  It actually started pouring rain after the cocktail hour was over and during the beginning of our reception.  I was pretty upset about the rain because I had bought a  ton of sparklers.  We were planning on having our guests or the bridal party line up on the steps outside the front of the venue so Mike and I could run through and do a staged exit.  We were unfortunately unable to do that.  So Mike and I did something unique with the sparklers that you will see at the end.  I am also now stuck with a ton of sparklers.  I guess we will use them on the 4th of July?  Haha.

Our “LOVE” ice sculpture in the lobby. This is a replica of the Love sign in Love Park in Center City, Philadelphia.

Pictures of us displayed in the lobby and in the center you will find our card box. I am obsessed with that card box. It turned out perfect.


Our toasting flute

Looking down at a centerpiece on the table


Flip flop basket that I made for our guests. This was a HUGE hit! It was displayed by the DJ booth

Mike and I walking into our reception. We walked into Bruno Mars, “Marry You.”


Nervous for our first dance

Our first dance was to “When You Got A Good Thing” by Lady Antebellum.


Melissa gave the first speech of the evening which was so incredibly beautiful. I was holding back tears the entire time.

Mike’s brother, Ryan gave the second speech and this is us hugging afterwards



My mom giving a speech


Mike’s other best man, Russ giving his speech

Typical Hope dance moves


Doing a line dance

I’m very expressive when dancing, can’t you tell?


Again with the expressions..


Throwing my hands up to dance

The next portion that you are going to see is that in our religion, you dance the “Hora.”  In which, the Hora song is played.  You first dance in a circle and then the bride and groom get lifted on a chair.  I was dreading this the entire night.  I don’t like getting lifted on a chair.  It’s very scary!  Also, the guys at one point lifted Mike so high that he almost hit his head on the chandelier.  I thought we were going to end up in the emergency room.  Thankfully, he was okay!

Mike getting lifted on the chair

So not ready for this


When Mike almost hit his head

Me dancing with my Dad to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”


Mike and his Mom dancing to the Rascal Flatts, “My Wish”

The biggest let down of our entire wedding was our wedding cake.  I had mentioned that there was a problem with it and now I am going to explain what happened.  I had sat down with our baker and went over with him numerous times through email and in person what we wanted.  It was a VERY simple design. He even took a swatch of the bridesmaids dress color so that he knew what color purple to make the fondant around the tiers of the cake.  I thought with all of my heart that this was going to turn out the way that I had planned because it was going to tie my dress to the cake and pull everything together.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  First, I’ll show you a few things on our cake table and then I will explain more about the cake.

We Do that I made for the cake table

Our cake server and knife

Alright, so an hour before the ceremony, I realized that I had never seen the cake.  I asked my two bridesmaid’s Courtney and Tarra to go take a picture of the cake and show me.  So they went out and showed me a picture and I gasped!  This was my first and only bridezilla moment of the entire day!  It was NOTHING like we talked about at all!  I absolutely HATE flowers on a wedding cake. It may be for some people but it’s not for me.  There were flowers all over our cake. There was a silver ribbon wrapped around the cake that we never spoke about.  It had NO bows on it that I had asked for and it had a weird pattern on it!  I immediately got the banquet manager and told her what happened.

The baker made hot pink bows which we NEVER discussed and they were made with frosting and not fondant and melted off the cake.  So rather then talk to me about what was going on, they put flowers all over the cake and made it look terrible.  I was so upset.  I called the baker and he screamed at me like a lunatic on the phone accusing me that it was my fault. Are you kidding me??  This was an HOUR before I walked down the aisle.  I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I handed the phone back to the banquet manager.  She was so upset too.  So she passed out champagne to our guests as they were walking into our ceremony.  It was a nice touch but it still didn’t make up for our wedding cake.

I hate looking at pictures of the cake because I absolutely hate the cake.  The only thing I like on it is our “G” cake topper.  I decided that on our one year wedding anniversary, I am going to a local bakery and asking them to make a small replica of what our wedding cake should have looked like.  What a disappointment.  Our cake was supposed to be a replica of Bethenny Frankel’s wedding cake because it matched my dress.  Instead of the red on the cake, it was going to have purple and no bow on the top because I had the cake topper.  It was supposed to look like this:

Beautiful.  I love that design.  Now you will see our cake:

Our wedding cake

Cake again

You can clearly see that it looks NOTHING like that picture that I have posted.  I was beyond the point of upset.  I barely looked at the cake the entire night.  I was so upset. I spent so much time talking to the baker and giving him that exact picture and this is what we turned up with?  What a disappointment. The fact that he was screaming at me on the phone and couldn’t apologize was such a low blow.  I would NEVER recommend him ever.  Thankfully that was the only major mishap and I can deal with that and move on.  It still makes me mad though.

Cutting our cake

Feeding each other cake


More dancing

I love this picture of the 3 of us! <3


Me throwing the bouquet to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

Mike taking off my garter to Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”


Mike throwing the garter to Nickelback’s “Animals”


Our candy buffet which was our favor to our wedding guests

Last picture of the best day of our lives <3

Overall, I have to say our wedding day was truly one of the best days of my entire life.  If I could relive it again, I would.  I totally would.  I took in every single moment and really enjoyed myself.  I was so happy and so was Mike.  It was everything that I dreamed of and more.  I worked so incredibly hard on every single detail and aspect of our wedding and I am so proud of how everything turned out.  I really poured my heart and soul into all the details and I am still amazed by what I was capable of doing.  I know that was the first day of the rest of our lives together.  We were both so exhausted by the time our wedding ended.

We drove ourselves home and had to take home everything that we brought.  My car was packed to the brim.  We had to unpack the car and finish packing for our honeymoon.  We were home for a matter of 2 hours before we had to drive to the airport for our honeymoon.  We were exhausted, happy, and running on pure adrenaline.  I loved every second of it.  Stay tuned for our honeymoon!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Our Reception!…

  1. Your reception must have been SO fun! Love when I get to see the Hora at weddings :) Too bad about the cake, it does look 100% different. I can’t believe what an a-hole the baker was! I would put his name out there and slam him, give him as many bad reviews as you can.

    I can’t wait to hear about the honeymoon! I’m already dying to get back to Caribbean :)

    • Thank you! I had a great time. :) I know! The baker was such a jerk. He could have at least apologized or done something instead of yelling at me and acting like it was my fault. I’d really like to. I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone!

      Aw! Yay! Me too! Even though I was there in August, it feels like such a long time ago.

  2. It was such a wonderful reception — loved the entire thing from start to finish! That is absolutely insane about the cake, though. It tasted delicious, but wow, how awful of him to not only do something completely different than what you requested, but then to treat you so rudely, too. Ugh.

    Love that sparkler picture! :)

    • Thank you so much, Shari. That really means a lot to me. :) I’m glad that the cake tasted good. I only had a tiny piece and I have the top layer in our freezer. It pains to me to look at it. I completely agree. I was so upset and to this day, he didn’t even contact to me to apologize or anything! I would NEVER recommend him and I think PineCrest should end ties with him. He is a terrible person.

      Thank you :)

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