My Experience at FEASTIVAL in Philadelphia!…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday to you!  This week is going by so slow for me.  Is it going by slow for you too?  I’m not quite sure why it’s going by so slow but it is.  Enough about that!  Last night, Mike and I were given the opportunity to attend FEASTIVAL in Philadelphia as I had mentioned yesterday.  This was one stylish event!  It was at Pier 9 in the city and it was a beautiful night for an event like this.

The entire pier was set up with rows and rows of some of the best restaurants and chefs in Philadelphia.  Each restaurant had an item that you were able to take and enjoy.  There were also bars set up from the various bars in Philadelphia, making signature cocktails.

Feastival…this how is all of the various restaurants were set up with food displayed for you to try


They also had performers doing various interpretive art routines throughout the evening.  It was incredible to see what these people were capable of doing. It was almost like watching Cirque du Soleil right in front of you!


Cage where some dancers performed


Interpretive dancer


Mike and I began walking up and down each row.  I was in heaven actually seeing chefs from some of the most renowned restaurants in my city.  Everywhere I turned there were restaurants that I wanted to try food from.  Unfortunately due to my stomach issues,  I had to steer clear of beef and tomatoes which made trying some food difficult but Mike was able to try those items.  What I did try was incredible.  I will post a sampling of a few items and then it got to the point where I wanted to enjoy myself so I stopped taking pictures.  I apologize for that.

The atmosphere was incredible.  The room was filled with those high-ranking Philadelphians.  Mike and I almost felt like we didn’t fit in but we did our best to enjoy ourselves and make the most of this opportunity that were given.  We were inches away from Stephen Starr, Marc Summers, and Ed Rendell (former mayor/governor).  I wanted to say something to Stephen Starr and Marc Summers so badly but I didn’t want to seem like a star-struck teenybopper.  So I controlled myself and didn’t say anything.  Boo!  I wish I would have.

Now I will introduce you to some of the food items that I had the pleasure of trying!
First up is a restaurant that is one of the most prestigious restaurants in all of Philadelphia, Le Bec Fin.
They featured: Chilled Summer Vegetables and root chips

Le Bec Fin restaurant

Chilled Summer Vegetable with root chip

Next restaurant was: Stephen Starr’s The Continental.  I have been to the Continental, the Continental Mid-town and the Continental in Atlantic City.  Can you tell I’m a fan?

They featured: Sauteed Prawns with a lemongrass-chili sauce and pickled ginger

Stephen Starr’s The Continental


Sauteed Prawns

The next restaurant I tried was: Sampan.  I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Schulson at the Savor Borgata event that I attended 2 years ago.  I also have dined at Sampan for lunch and it was wonderful.

They featured: Spicy Tuna Tartare on a crispy rice cracker


Spicy Tuna Tartare

I also tried a dish from the restaurant, Miss Rachel’s Pantry.  I had never heard of this restaurant before and I was super excited because it was vegan and a dairy-free dish!  I actually went back for seconds because I loved it so much.

They featured: Lobster Mushroom Mac N Cheese

Miss. Rachel’s Pantry


Lobster Mushroom Mac N Cheese..sorry for the blurry picture


Another restaurant that I tried a dish from was, Tashan.  This was a restaurant that I had never heard of before but I’m certainly glad that I did because I loved what I tried from there!

They featured: Pan Seared Diver Scallop with green tomato chutney


Diver Scallop


The best cocktail that I tried was from a bar that I have been dying to go to for such a long time, The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company.  Their drinks are super expensive and I would never be able to afford a cocktail there.  It used to be a speakeasy back in the day.  I tried their signature cocktail, a Moko Collins.  It was delicious!

Moko Collins


I also tried a few more items but as I said, I stopped taking pictures so I could enjoy myself for a bit.  For dessert, Mike and I both enjoyed gourmet chocolates from Eclat Chocolate.  I had a piece of chocolate which had hazelnut inside.  It was delicious.  We both also enjoyed a macaroon from Le Bec Fin, a cookie from the Metropolitan Bakery, and a coffee and cardamom custard with walnut strussel from Pumpkin.

By the time we were ready to leave, we were so full from everything that we ate.  We had such a great time exploring new restaurants and trying new foods.  It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.  Thank you so much for allowing us to attend this event!

Have you ever been to any of the restaurants I’ve mentioned?   

Have a great Thursday!

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