Time Out…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday!  It’s hard to remember what day it is because of the 2 days off this week.  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!  What did you do to celebrate?  I apologize for not posting and more so for not doing Wedding Talk Wednesday yesterday.  I had a very long and emotionally taxing 2 days off.  I just needed the time to focus on things and unplug and just take time out to breathe.  So that is why I escaped for 2 days.  It was nice to have days off in the middle of the week.  Now I just have to get through today and tomorrow and the weekend will be near!   I have a massive pile of work to get to that is sitting next to me.  I’m sure it will get taller and taller throughout the day.  It seems as though most places didn’t have off Tuesday so my inbox is flooded.  At least I’ll be busy.

I’ll get back to Monday night.  On Monday night, Mike and I decided to use a Kraft Fresh Take package again to bread chicken breasts.

Italian Parmesan Kraft Fresh Take


We also made pasta with spinach to go along as a side dish.

My dinner plate


My stomach was killing me after eating this but I wanted to try it so badly that I didn’t care.  I notice that after I decide to eat something that I shouldn’t, I definitely regret it later.  I’ve been dealing with this since December though so you can imagine how frustrated it gets not being able to eat what you really want.  Sometimes you just dig in and eat whatever you feel like.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the Bachelorette.  How about Jef?!  I am rooting for him now.  He really changed my prospective of him on this last episode.  Who do you want Emily to pick?

On Tuesday, I woke up and picked Melissa up and we went to a market to explore.  It was an outdoor market and it was sweltering outside.  We were both drenched in sweat while walking around.  It was not fun.  We both didn’t really see much of anything.  Melissa got some fresh produce for a great price but other than that, it was too hot to be outside.  So we decided go to Panera Bread for lunch.

I was bad and ordered something that completely destroyed my stomach.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in severe pain in my stomach.  Why do I never learn??  I am so stubborn when it comes to my health and my stomach and taking care of my body.  GR!  We went to the mall and we were looking for a dress for Melissa to wear to my Bachelorette party and shoes for her to wear to our wedding.  We also picked up my dress that came in for my Bachelorette party.  I tried it on with my Badgley Mischka shoes and it looks awesome!  I cannot wait to wear it in 2 weeks!  Holy cow!  How is it only 2 weeks until my Bachelorette party!  Crazy!

We ran some more errands and then went back to her house to greet Oliver and relax for a bit.  We decided to grab dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

My dinner


After dinner, Melissa had 2 free movie tickets.  So we decided to see People Like Us.  It was actually a pretty good movie.  It’s sad how it was loosely based on the producers life.  I think it’s horrible these days how it’s completely “normal” for some people to live double lives.  I don’t get it.  I am not a fan of Chris Pine.  I don’t really like him as an actor.  I thought he was good in the movie but I am just not a fan of his.  Elizabeth Banks was good in the movie.  It was a little depressing but it was good.  At least it was free and free is always better!

Yesterday, Mike and I really didn’t do much.  We didn’t even grill.  We just ate our chicken leftovers.  We were able to get a front row seat to a fireworks spectacle in our front and backyard!  People were shooting off fireworks and they were actually quite good!  It was awesome being able to see them without having to leave my house.

Alright, well have a great Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “Time Out…

  1. I feel ya on the cheese. I’ve been dairy-free for about 2.5 years and cheese is the only thing I still chance every once in awhile because it is just so good. I completely feel ya on the horrible stomach pain that comes with it sometimes and you are left going to bed doubled over! The worst is when you order something at a restaurant and you think there isn’t any cream in it and then your stomach is dying later on!

    • I totally agree with you. If I am having anything with dairy in it, I will be sure to take my lactaid pills because I’m lactose intolerant. All of my pain right now unfortunately is from my Crohn’s Disease. I’m waiting until I come back from my honeymoon to start taking intense medication to hopefully put it into remission. Stomach issues are no fun! I hope yours is doing good :)

    • Me too! :) I’m sorry you are still dealing with belly issues. I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make both of our bellys perfect! I know in time it will get better. Stay strong love! I’m here if you need me :)

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