When Feeling Overwhelmed…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday!  This week is going by extremely slow for me.  Is it going by slow for you too?  I don’t know why.  I’m glad that my work has given us next Tuesday and Wednesday off for the 4th of July!  I think it would have made more sense if they gave us the day after the 4th off instead of the day before but a day off is a day off.  So I’ll take it!  God knows I could use some time off.  Lots to do with no time to do it!

I haven’t really mentioned my stomach that much lately except that I’ve been in pain.  This week has been an all-time worse for me.  I don’t know what is going on lately but my stomach pain is out of control.  I felt so sick last night.  I managed to have pasta with Earth Balance “butter” with garlic toast.

My dinner


I have discussed my stomach back and forth with my doctor.  I shouldn’t have been as stubborn with medication in the beginning of my diagnosis because I could be feeling better now.  He was trying to determine if this lingering pain is from Irritable Bowl Syndrome or if it is from Crohn’s.  So he was treating me for IBS.  The medication was not doing a thing. I’m still taking it, hoping that it might do something.  It means all of my pain is from the Crohn’s.  The only way to help the pain is by taking a very aggressive medication that I am not willing to take this close to our wedding.  There are some really bad side effects associated with the medication and I don’t want to put my body through that as close as we are to the biggest day of my life.  So my only option now is to be really careful with what I am eating, take the IBS medication and wait.  As soon as we get back from our honeymoon, I need to see the doctor so  I can be put on the medicine.

It’s a LONG time that I have been in pain.  I have been in non-stop pain since December.  Trust me, I would NEVER wish this upon anyone.  It’s awful to have to go through this.  I think I just need to be a little bit more careful with my food choices.  I had been eating a nutritional bar with peanut butter this week and I think the peanut butter is destroying me.  Sadly, peanut butter is one of my favorites.  I know I will be able to have it again.  This is just a minor hiccup.  So I’m not going to eat that bar today and see how I do.  I thought I’d just update you with my health issues in case it can help someone else who is suffering like me.

Going to my blog post title today, you can probably tell that I am feeling very overwhelmed.  My workload at work has completely exploded.  I have a ton of work to do plus coverage for teammates who are going on vacation.  It’s a lot to handle.  Plus, I’m overwhelmed with all of our wedding stuff.  The latest wedding things that are stressing me out is things related to the DJ.  It’s been stressful trying to figure out all of the music, and things associated with that.  We have until July 17th to get everything set in stone.

I spoke to our DJ last night and he is really good.  I know he is going to make the reception an amazing time.  I’m just overwhelmed until we get to that point. There are so many songs and decisions to make.  I just hope that Mike and I can figure everything else out.  I’m hoping that we can do a lot of this during the weekend.  Looks like we will be glued to You Tube for music ideas!  If you have any ideas regarding music for our wedding please pass them along!  We are having a hard time figuring out what song for the garter removal and the garter toss.  So if you have any ideas for that, I’m all ears!

How do you handle things when you are feeling overwhelmed?  I try to make a list of everything that I need to get done.  Seeing everything written out in list form makes it easier for me to tackle one thing at a time.  I really need to fix my to-do list. I think that would make me less stressed out if I can see everything written out for what I need to get done.  I’m putting added stress on myself to by trying to make everything perfect.  This is my big wedding planning debut because I ultimately want this to be my career and eventually open my own business.  I feel like our wedding is going to prove to people that, yes I am certified but I can put my money where my mouth is and  put on one hell of an event.  Fingers crossed!  I am spending a lot of time putting attention into detail.  I hope our guests will notice all of the detail work that I have put into everything.  I am working so hard to make everything memorable for us.  It’s a lot of pressure.

Well that is all I have for now.  Have a great Thursday!

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10 thoughts on “When Feeling Overwhelmed…

  1. You need to find something to calm you down, and I’m working from experiene here. Stress is probably what’s aggravating your stomach. I know it’s impossible to try and eleminate all stress but find something that relaxes you. Yoga, exercise, baths, deep breathing…whatever works. The list will help too; I do that as well. But really find some time to get out of your head for a bit!

  2. I’m a list-maker, too. Something about seeing everything written out helps it to feel more doable. I also like to take a breather whenever I’m highly stressed and go outside for a walk. Being in the fresh air is so rejuvenating. Maybe it would help to take some time away from all the work just for yourself? I know you have a lot to get done, and of course it’s important, but even just an hour a day to relax … hopefully that’ll diminish the stress at least a bit.

    Sending healthy, calming vibes!

    • I totally agree with you. I think seeing it written out makes me less overwhelmed. I really think I need to start doing that. It’s a good idea. I need to take a few days or even an hour like you said and just do something for me.

      Thank you :)

  3. I am a habitual list maker – i still find random lists about stuff from months back in my purse and stuff (my purse is never organized and I surprised what I find in there sometimes! lol) …but it ALWAYS makes me feel better – like all the thoughts swarming in my head are out & down on a piece of paper so I don’t forget anything.

    Try to do something to take your mind off things like go walking, play a video game (hey, it works for my BF lol), etc.

    Sorry to hear about your tummy issues, I can’t imagine!

    • Haha! I do the SAME exact thing! I have papers with lists on them everywhere. You are totally right. I need to see everything written out so I know what I have to get done. :)

      I am definitely going to try and do something to take my mind off of things. I definitely need a break or a few days off.

      Thank you! It’s hard but I am trying to get through it as best as I can.

  4. After struggling with stomach pain for years my docs finally gave up and just started calling it IBS since they couldn’t figure anything else out. The only thing that has managed my symptoms successfully is eating as ‘clean’ and healthy as possible and keeping my stress levels down!

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