An Open House Success!…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday to you!  I hope your week is going well.  I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!  I wish we had 4 day weeks, every week.  It would definitely make the work week much more tolerable, that is for sure.  I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today.  I don’t have any pictures either but I wanted to discuss the event that Mike and I attended last night.

Last night, our wedding venue held an open house for couples who have booked at our venue or couples looking to possibly hold their event at the venue.  We were pretty excited to see what our venue would look like set up as if it were an actual affair.  When we walked in, it was pretty crowded already.  We were asked to fill out name tags.  We were to put our names and underneath our wedding date if we were getting married there.  The entire evening, I took notice of the name tags and saw that Mike and I had the closest wedding. I saw people with dates into 2014!  That is while away but I guess if you know what vendors you want then it’s best to book that early.

It was finally time to walk in.  We started tasting some hors d’ouerves.  I was very careful and selective with which items I decided to try because of my stomach.  Mike was more of the taste tester for the evening.  I did what I could.  We were standing where the ceremony will take place and a strings company was playing Canon in D.  In that moment, I stood there and tried to close my eyes and envisioned myself in 2.5 short months, walking down the aisle to Mike.  It was a very surreal moment and I felt myself starting to tear up and quickly grabbed a hold of myself.

We saw our florist who had a table set up.  Her work is so impressive!  She does such a great job.  I am thrilled with her work.  We also saw our baker who I have to send an email to because of some last-minute details that I need to take care of.  His work is incredible!  I made sure to taste the champagne.  We must have good quality champagne for our guests.  I am happy to say the champagne and wine are definitely up to par.  I think our guests will be pleased.  Mike enjoyed his beer.  They had good choices of beers as well.

We were both incredibly impressed and couldn’t be happier that our venue does put on an excellent event.  I cannot wait for my vision to come to life!  We actually saw Shari of Shari Speaks at our venue!  Her cousin is holding an event there in the fall.  It was nice for her to meet Mike and it was great to catch up.  We spent a while just catching up and talking.  It was really nice to see her again!

We both had a really great time.  I am happy that we decided to have our wedding there. I think our guests will be very pleased and happy when they see my vision come to life.  I am excited for the months to come.

Have a great Thursday!

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8 thoughts on “An Open House Success!…

    • I totally agree! It was so great to see everything all set up. It definitely makes me more excited for our wedding day! :) I know! It’s crazy! I can’t believe it. It will be here before we know it!

  1. Uh oh … an email to the baker? I guess it’s a good thing you guys ended up going over! :P My family tried some of his samples later on, and wow, were they delicious! He was my favorite of all the bakers there.

    It was so great to see you and to meet Mike! I’m really looking forward to getting together again soon! :)

    • Haha! It’s nothing bad! I needed to confirm a few things with him. So I’m glad I was able to talk to him about it. :) Oh same here! His cakes and goodies are amazing! Definitely a talented guy!

      Same here!! :)

    • That is awesome! I love how venues are doing that now. It really gives you an idea of how it will look when it’s set up for your event. I know! I can’t believe it either. It seems so surreal. :)

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