Wedding Talk Wednesday: Floral Sneak Peek, Tuxedos, and A DIY Sneak Peek..

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope your shortened week is off to a good start!  Mine is going well so far.  I am extremely busy at work this week so I’m happy about that.  I’d rather be very busy with work than sitting for 9 hours with nothing to do.  It definitely makes the day fly by!

I’m pretty excited about tonight.  Our wedding venue is holding an open house where you are given the opportunity to see the place decorated and put together as if an affair is being held.  They have various vendors set up, and extra enhancements that you can add to your event.  They are also going to have food set up so that we can taste it.  I’m really excited!  Mike and I have tasted entrees but we haven’t tasted anything else.  It will be great to see the place in action.  I’m hoping we are impressed.  I think we will be.  We really like the venue and I can only imagine that this event will make us love it even more and get more excited for our big day!  It’s coming up around the corner!

So over the weekend, we went to the venue and met with our florist.  We went over more of the floral details and then she brought in a centerpiece.  I wasn’t going to post pictures on my blog but this is an example of a centerpiece just so you can get the idea of what colors I am going for.

I love Gerbera Daisies

It’s really hard to tell what it looks like from the picture but obviously when it’s sitting on the table there is going to be more around it.  I’m not going to give anything else away, you will have to wait to see pictures until after our big day.  I was looking for bright and cheerful tones of purples and hot pinks.  I wanted gerbera daisies because I absolutely love them.  I love how she added three of them to the centerpiece.  I am very pleased with the colors and it was the exact vibe that I was going for.  What color flowers do you like?  Do you have a favorite flower?

After our floral appointment, Mike and I went to Men’s Warehouse.  We decided to rent tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse because they have colors that match the David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress colors perfectly.  That was important to me plus they are all over the country and some of the groomsman are spread out.  So we wanted everyone to be able to get their tux from a place that was near them.

We decided upon the new Vera Wang tuxedo for all of the men.

It’s this tux but we are not doing a bowtie.  We are doing a regular tie.  I love how polished the tux looks.  It’s going to look really sharp on all of the men!  All of the men are going to wear ivory shirts because my dress is ivory.  Mike is going to wear a black vest with a black tie.  I think he is going to look sexy!

The groomsman are all going to wear plum vests with plum ties to match the bridesmaid dresses.  My dad, Mike’s dad, and Mike’s grandfather are all going to wear silver vests with silver ties so that they will be distinguished from everyone else.  I think they are all going to look great!  Our wedding is black tie invited.  So I think everyone that attends is going to look really polished and great.  I cannot wait to see!  The groomsman have until the end of June to get fitted for their tux.  I hope they all go in time.  I’m nervous about that!

Once our tuxedos were done, we went home and I started on a DIY project.  I will give you sneak peek and see if you can tell what I did the rest of the afternoon.  I made these myself.


Just Married!

I’m not sure if you can tell what they are or not but I’m going to leave it at that to be sneaky!  ;)  I still have a ton of DIY items to take care of but I am slowly chipping away from my to-do list.  It feels great to cross things off!  I can hardly believe that on June 17th, we will be only 2 short months away from saying “I do.”  It’s really insane how quick time goes by!

We are planning on looking at wedding bands this weekend where Mike bought my engagement ring.  I’m hoping we see the matching wedding band for me and we can buy them already.  It’s very important and I want to cross that huge to-do off my list.  It’s making me nervous that we are just about 2 months out and have no rings!  I’m praying that we are able to get them this weekend!

So that concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: Floral Sneak Peek, Tuxedos, and A DIY Sneak Peek..

  1. Oh, the flowers are GORGEOUS! They’re so vibrant and cheerful. It’s going to look amazing with a centerpiece like that on every table.

    See you tonight! :)

  2. LOVE the flowers!!!! Absolutely gorgeous colors. My favorite flowers are lillies – stargazers or callalillies or easter lillies – but sunflowers are sacred to me. I love hydranga too though!

    I think they’re tank tops? If so, VERY cute and please tell me how you made them! My sis is getting married in Nov :)

    • Thank you so much! :) I was very happy with how they turned out. All of those flowers are beautiful! I was going to have callalilles in my bouquet but then I decided against it. I hope I made the right decision. Sunflowers are beautiful! I love them as well. :)

      Yes they are! :) I bought the tank tops at Target when they were having the $3 tank top sale. I ordered the Rhinestones from this Etsy seller: She was such a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her. I just ironed on the rhinestones to the tank tops. It was really easy! Email me if you have questions!

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