A Job Well Done!…

Hi there!  Happy Friday!  I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I was very busy and I just didn’t have time to sit down and gather my thoughts.  I’m sure some of you have off today.  I unfortunately do not.  My work has a half day today but I have decided to work the entire day because I have a lot to get done especially since we have off on Monday.  I can also get an hour of overtime which is nice.  So I’d rather just stay and work the whole day.  I am only leaving an hour and a half later than everyone else.  I think that is okay by me.  What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?  I’m not really sure what I am doing.  All I know is that tomorrow we are going to our wedding venue to see a sample centerpiece and I am very nervous.  I also hope to get a ton of diy things out of the way for our wedding.  I need to stop procrastinating and do it.  I have a long enough weekend that I should be able to get things done if I put my mind to it.

So yesterday the drive home was terrible!  The rain was beyond awful.  I could barely see how to drive.  I was so happy when I finally got home.  I had a massive migraine and my stomach was feeling just terrible.  I told Mike I was going to lay down for a few minutes.  Well a few minutes turned into an hour.  I felt much better when I woke up.  I was glad that Mike let me sleep for a bit because I really needed that nap.  My migraine was gone and I was ready to go.

I decided to have bowtie pasta with Earth Balance “butter” and spinach for dinner.  Lately, I’ve been wanting pasta all the time.  I don’t know why but at least it’s gentle on my stomach so I’ll take it.

My dinner


The rest of the night, Mike and I spent doing some research on the computer for some things and we tried watching Duets.  Did anyone watch that last night?  I had it on for like 20 minutes or so and I couldn’t get into it.  I used to be obsessed with singing competitions and now I just think it’s overkill and I’m done with them.  I love Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Neddles but that was the only reason I was watching.  I just couldn’t get into the show.  One of my favorite summer shows also came back last night, Rookie Blue.  I didn’t stay up to watch it because it was on past my bedtime but I made sure to DVR it.  I will most definitely be watching it over the weekend.  I missed that show a lot!

I’m glad a lot of the summer shows are coming back.  I am most excited for Rookie Blue, Drop Dead Diva, Unnecessary Roughness, Big Brother, Love in the Wild, Bunheads, Melissa & Joey, Pretty Little Liars, Jane by Design, Real World, Teen Mom, etc.  I could probably go on.  That is sad that I like tv that much.  Regarding Love in the Wild, I’m pretty sure Mike and I are the only people who watch that show.  Last year, we were hooked on the show!  Are you excited for any of the summer shows?

So on Wednesday, my company had a company-wide meeting.  During these meetings the CEO talks about the progress of the company, financial aspects, and other items of importance for the employees to know.  At the end, they also do an award portion.  Individuals or teams of people can be nominated for an award.  If they win, each person gets a monetary prize.  I think it’s great that my company recognizes those people who really go above and beyond and work hard at their job.

So they show the nominees and I see my name is up there twice!  It’s up there once with a group of people who were selected to do an intense project a couple of months ago.  Then my actual team that I work with was nominated for all of  our hard work that we had to do together during the holidays and during the time when I was out for my emergency appendectomy.  I was so excited that my supervisor nominated my team and I was excited for the other nomination too!  There were quite a few groups that were nominated.  I sat there with my fingers crossed and waited to hear the winners announced.

Then they called it.  My actual team had won!!!!!  In that moment we were all cheering and giving each other high 5’s!  We deserved it.  We worked so incredibly hard and I am really glad that our supervisor and all of the higher-ups recognized us!  Not to mention, I’m very happy for the monetary award.  I was not expecting that at all and it will definitely go to our wedding fund.  I felt so proud to be a part of the team that I am on.  Throughout the day, people were coming up to us congratulating us.  The higher-ups sent us all emails.  It made me feel good and appreciated it.  I felt like my team was one in that moment.  It really does show that hard work does pay off.

On that positive note, I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!  I will try to stop by at some point this weekend and check in.

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6 thoughts on “A Job Well Done!…

  1. Congratulations on the award! How awesome of them to recognize their employees’ hard work and dedication. I think every office should do something like that – not only does it boost morale, but it shows genuine appreciation.

    Like you, I watched Duets because of the judges. If KC’s on a show, I have to watch :) I wasn’t too impressed with most of the contestants, but I’ll keep watching as long as Kelly’s two are still in the competition. I’ve heard the second show is a lot better that the first was, so we shall see.

    Ugh, and that rain yesterday … CRAZY! Driving through it must have been awful!

    • Thank you so much! I totally agree! It definitely does boost morale and shows that what we did was noticed. :)

      You’ll have to let me know if the second show is better. I was just so bored. I wanted to like it. It was disappointing for me.

      I know! It was beyond horrible!

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