A Weekend Of Tests…

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  It has been a couple of days since I’ve last updated here.  I apologize for the delay!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun?  I hope you did something fun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  It was pretty cool that it fell on a weekend this year.  I saw lots of people wearing green and celebrating throughout the day.

I’ll catch you up to speed on where I left off.  I believe that I left off on Thursday.  After work on Thursday, I went to my nutritionist for a follow-up appointment.  We discussed my new doctor and the medications and plans that he has for me.  I informed her of foods that she suggested that I try that were either successful or not so successful.  She gave me some more ideas and other things to try and what to stay away from.  I think she is helpful.  It’s just really difficult in trying to help someone who has Crohn’s Disease during a flare-up.  Everyone tolerates and doesn’t tolerate different foods.  No two people are the same.  So something might be okay for one person and totally not okay for the next.  The same goes for medication in treatment.  It’s difficult.  Like my new doctor said, everyone is a puzzle.  You need to figure out which combinations of medications and foods work for each individual person.  I made an appointment to go back to the nutritionist in 3 weeks, however after my blood test, if it comes back that I have Celiac Disease then I will make an appointment to see her earlier.

When I got home, all I wanted was breakfast for dinner.  My toaster oven was being non-cooperative and burnt my bagel!  It was still good, it was just very well done.

Love breakfast for dinner


Friday morning, I woke up rather early and put on some comfy clothes and went over to the hospital.  I had to have a small bowel series x-ray.  I did some research on it so I knew a little bit of what to expect.  It was one of the worst tests I ever had in my life!  I had to take a starting x-ray of my intestines and then I had to drink a cup and a half of barium.  Ick!  It was awful.  I’ve drank contrast before for a catscan but I think the barium might have been worse.  Once I was done drinking it, I felt really sick.  The woman thankfully allowed me to rinse my mouth out with some water so the chalky taste would leave.  Then the fun started!  I hope you can tell that I am being sarcastic here.

Every 30 minutes, I had to get an x-ray which involved me jumping off and on the hard metal table.  Which I now have several lovely bruises all over my body from.  They had to wait until all of the barium made its way into my large intestine and then they could do the final portion of the test.  So I waited and waited.  Finally, when they thought they would be able to, all of the barium was bunched up in one section which normally happens with people who have Crohn’s.  So they gave me a voucher and told me to go to the cafeteria to get something to drink.  I drank decaf coffee and went back and forth, still nothing.  Finally, they were able to do the second part of the test.  Now I was already in pain but the doctor had to press and press my stomach and my intestines while I watched them move on a tv screen.  Kind of gross and VERY painful.  After 4 hours of this test, I was finally done.  I went home and rested for a while.

Mike and I decided to go to Trader Joe’s so I could pick up some things that my nutritionist suggested.  We decided to eat at the Olive Garden for dinner since I had a gift card.  I wanted to try pasta with tomato sauce and see how my stomach could handle it.  So that is what I did.  I was bad too, I ate some salad which is a huge no-no but I wanted it.

My pasta with grilled chicken


Needless to say, I went to straight to bed in pain once we got home.  On Saturday, I prepped dinner for St. Patrick’s Day by putting a corned beef in the crock pot.  I used the same recipe that I used last year.  After prepping dinner, I went back to the hospital to get blood work done.  I only had to wait like 25 minutes which wasn’t too bad.  I then went over to Melissa and my mom’s house.  We went to David’s Bridal.  Melissa decided on the dress that she is going to wear.  She is going to wear the same dress as the bridesmaids and I am going to change her flowers to signify she is the maid of honor.  My mom tried on some dresses and we are still figuring out what she is going to wear.  I tried on a rehearsal dinner dress that I had been eying on their website.  Sadly, I hated it.  So now I’m back to square one with that.  We are thinking about going to a different David’s Bridal to see if they have a better selection.

For lunch, we went to Whole Foods and then walked around the mall for a little while.  Then we went back to their house and just relaxed for a bit.  I went home and nervously tried the corned beef.  I only had a little bit because I knew it was going to be a bad decision for my stomach.

Corned Beef and roasted potatoes


The corned beef was delicious and I was hating myself for not being able to eat more of it!  Just as I suspected my stomach started up.  I wasn’t about to let it stop me.  Mike, Melissa and I went to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a local bar.  Sadly, I am not allowed to have any alcohol at all on the medication the doctor just put me on.  So I had fun with my Shirley Temple.  How can you go wrong with a Shirley Temple?  Seriously.  Haha.  I had a fun time!

On Sunday, it was not so fun.  I couldn’t even get out of bed because of my stomach.  I had sharp shooting pains, and intense pains in my stomach.  I spent most of the day in bed or on the sofa.  It was the worst I have felt in general lately.  I don’t know what the deal was with my stomach at all.  I finally decided that I needed to get up so that Mike and I could go to the supermarket to stock up for the week.  As soon as we were done I collapsed on the sofa and that is where I spent the rest of the day.  My dinner was non-exciting because of how sick I was so I’ll spare you.

I’m still feeling really bad today but I had to come into work because I missed Friday.  I’m hoping this medicine kicks in soon and that I hear the results of the tests soon.  I seriously apologize for my lack of recipes and for my complaining over these past few months.  I understand if you are sick of me and don’t want to read anymore.  I feel like this is my place to vent and where I can get support.  It’s very frustrating going through this and sometimes I feel as though some of my friends don’t truly understand what I am going through.  I’m sure some of them are very mad at me and I’m sorry for that.  I don’t mean to complain but I want to share my story.  If I can help one person or make one person feel like they are not alone then I did something good.  I often feel alone going through this like I will never get better.  I feel like I will never be able to eat the foods that I enjoy ever again or be pain-free.  It’s such a hard thing to go through.  So I completely apologize for complaining and not posting as many food finds or recipes that I have in the past.  I’m trying to keep things interesting and I appreciate each and every one of you who has been along with me while I go through this.  It means more to me than you will ever know.

Have a great Monday!

10 thoughts on “A Weekend Of Tests…

  1. You aren’t complaining, you’re sharing a part of your life. I really hope the meds start kicking in and so you can get back to your old eating habits. Keeping my fingers crossed for you girl!

    Can’t wait to see the bridesmaids dresses!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have NOTHING to apologize for! You’ve been dealing with so much lately and have been so strong and optimistic throughout it all. Being frustrated at this point is only natural and everyone should understand that. I hope things finally start looking up now that you’ve switched doctors and once you have the x-ray results. As always, sending smiles and hugs <3

    • Thank you, Shari. I really appreciate your kind words. It means so much to me. :) I hope things start looking up too. It’s very frustrating and I’m trying my hardest to get through it. <3

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