My Grandmom’s Recipe & Sugar-Free Syrups…

Hi there!  Happy Friday!  We made it!!!  I always get so happy when it’s Friday because of the weekend.  I just enjoy knowing that I can sleep in at least one day on the weekend if not both if I have nothing to get up early for.  What are you doing this weekend?  Tonight, Mike and I are planning on getting our passport photos done for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is National Passport Day.  You can get a passport without making an appointment.  So we are going to try to get to the office as soon as they open so we can get our passports over with because I don’t know how long it’s going to take.  I want to allow for plenty of time.  We are getting passports for our honeymoon that haven’t booked yet, but we will very soon!  Tomorrow, I’m also getting my taxes done.  Melissa, my mom and I are planning on going to David’s Bridal so that they can get their dresses for our wedding and so I can try on a dress I saw for our rehearsal dinner.  I think we might also be meeting one of my favorite people in the entire world!  I admire her so much.  I’m going to leave you in suspense.  :)

So after work yesterday, I picked up Melissa and we stopped at the supermarket.  We had to pick up a few things and then we went back to their house.  My mom made me some scrambled eggs for dinner with toast and avocado on the side.

My dinner


I wanted something light because my stomach was feeling completely awful the entire day.  I think the avocado might have been too much for me to digest or something because I was doubling over with pain.  That didn’t stop me though.  Melissa and I wanted to use our Grandmom’s recipe for Hamantaschen because it is the Jewish holiday of Purim.  Purim celebrates the deliverance of Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from the destruction of a plot by Haman.  This is recorded in the book of Esther.  This holiday is a happy one because you are celebrating the how the plans to kill the Jews by Haman was stopped.  Hamantaschen is a Jewish pastry that is always eaten on Purim.  We have been eating this ever since we were little.  So we thought what a better time than to bake it for dessert!

Grandmom’s Hamantaschen


3 eggs

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup oil (original recipe says 1 cup but use your eyes to judge.  1 cup is generally too much as we noticed last night)

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons baking powder

4 cups flour

1 teaspoon of vanilla

Any type of filling you prefer (such as cherry pie filling, apple pie filling, etc.)


Beat eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder, water, oil, vanilla and then flour.

Mix all together.

Cover and put in the refrigerator for a half hour.

Once the dough is formed, roll it out and take the top of cup to cut out circles.  Place a little bit of your filling in the middle of the circle.  Then pinch the sides to form a triangle type formation.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Circle of dough ready for the filling


Cherry Pie filling in the center


Sides pinched in to form the shape


All ready to be eaten!


Cherry Hamantasch


Oliver is too busy to care what is going on in the kitchen..


Until he smells the oven and then he decides to sit right next to it...


I had to throw some Oliver pictures in there!  The hamantasch came out great!  I was pleased with how they looked. I had so much fun baking in the kitchen with Melissa and my mom.  It reminded me of when we were little and we would all cook together for the holidays.  We had music playing and it was just a memory that I will never forget.  I felt so happy living in that moment.  Are there any special family recipes that you continue to make?  Have you ever had a hamantasch before?

Once we were done baking, it was time for some decaf coffee.  The people from DaVinci Gourmet graciously sent me some sugar-free syrups to try out!    DaVinci Gourmet sells an array of Classic Flavored Syrups, Sugar-Free Flavored Syrups, All Natural Flavored Syrups, Fruit Innovations Syrups, Gourmet Sauces, and Tea Concentrates.  You are able to order everything directly from their website.  Their website also features some amazing sounding drink recipes which I definitely want to try out myself!

Their Sugar-Free Syrups are sweetened with Splenda.  The Sugar-Free Syrups have the same flavor as their Classic Syrups but without the calories and real sugar.  DaVinci’s Sugar-Free line comes in a TON of flavors!  They sent me three to try out for myself.

DaVinci's Sugar-Free Syrups


Hazelnut, Raspberry & Vanilla


I am a HUGE fan of Vanilla Sugar-Free Syrup for sure but last night I decided to be adventurous and try the Raspberry.  We loved the flavoring of the raspberry!  It gave the coffee such a great flavor.  It wasn’t too sweet and didn’t taste fake like how some syrups can taste.  I was a fan of it.  Melissa even added some to Diet Sprite and it tasted like a mixed cocktail!  I am really loving these syrups.  I cannot wait to try them in coffees, teas and different types of drinks!  Do you like flavored syrup?  Which is your favorite?  Thank you DaVinci Gourmet for allowing me to try your great products!

That is all I have for one day.  Make sure you check back tomorrow because it’s one special little pup’s BIG birthday!  Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “My Grandmom’s Recipe & Sugar-Free Syrups…

  1. I love hamantasch! I remember making it with my mom and sister, too, and I think we also did at Hebrew school for a couple years. Cherry and chocolate chip are my favorites :)

  2. Purim was in full swing in NY yesterday. The place where I take the subway into school is right next to a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and there were kids dressed up in costumes and everything. So fun! The hamantasch looks great.

    Caramel and vanilla are my favorite syrup flavors. I like the idea of adding some to soda. Sounds yummy.

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