A Smoothie Disaster…

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  I can’t believe that it’s already Monday.  This weekend pretty much flew right by!  I hope you were able to make the most of it though!  What did you do this weekend?  I didn’t do all that much this weekend.  I was still feeling really sick with my stomach.  I don’t know why this flare-up is taking so long to get under control.  I really think that I am not on the right combination of medications.  I’m hoping this new doctor can help me next week.  I just need to try to get through another week before seeing him.

Let’s go back to Friday.  So I mentioned that I got summoned for District Court Jury Duty again.  There is no possibly way that I would be able to sit in a courtroom in dealing with this Crohn’s flare-up right now.  I called the doctor’s office to tell them that I wanted to fax over a Medical Excuse form for the doctor to fill out so I could be excused.  Hours went back and nothing got faxed back to me.  I called there twice and spoke to people who all gave me different answers and said it would be faxed.  I checked and checked and nothing was there!  You have 5 days to submit your request from the time that you receive the summons.  Well my 5th day is tomorrow!  I am so incredibly upset.  So I need to call there when they open and demand the form be faxed to me.  Seriously, some of those people who work in the doctor’s office don’t care how they handle patients or serious matters. I explained how serious this was and they didn’t care.  The one girl gave me an attitude about getting up off the chair to see if it was on the doctor’s desk!  Really?  Isn’t that your job?  GR!  My stomach is doing flip flops this morning as I wait for the doctor’s office to open.  I’m going to call there every half hour until they fax me this form.  My work takes the mail at 3pm everyday.  So as long as I get it in the mail before 3pm today, they should recieve it by tomorrow.  It’s so frustrating.

After work on Friday, Mike and I decided to go to a local restaurant because I had a coupon for a free burger for my birthday.  It was packed there and we waited 20 minutes to be seated.  When we sat down, Mike recieved a text message and the weird thing was that his family was sitting a few tables down!  So we ended up joining them for dinner.  It was so weird.  I ordered a turkey burger and didn’t end up taking pictures of it.  I was feeling so sick, I couldn’t even eat the entire meal.  When we were done eating, Mike and I went to Target because I wanted to pick up a few items to use for making a smoothie on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, I got things together to make a smoothie.  I decided to use a Yoplait Smoothie Mix and Vanilla Almond Milk.

Smoothie Ingredients