A Sickly Weekend At Home…

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  My weekend was not exciting at all.  I was very sick and spent most of my weekend either laying in bed or laying on the sofa.  Not very exciting and not at all how I pictured my weekend to be.  Sometimes that happens though and it’s okay.  I’m just trying to get myself healthy and well so I can get over all of this stuff and move on!  I’ll pick up where I left off on Friday.

On Friday, I felt absolutely miserable.  My stomach was of course bothering me, my throat was on fire, and my nose was like a leaky faucet.  It got to the point where I just couldn’t sit at work anymore.  I felt like my head was in a fog and I just needed to get home.  So I ended up leaving work early.  I stuck it out as much as I possibly could.  I just couldn’t sit at my desk anymore plus I didn’t want to infect anyone else with what I have.  So I went home. 

I stopped at Panera Bread on my way home because I wanted some soup and thought maybe that would make me feel better.  I got chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl.  That was a bad idea because I was even more sick the rest of the afternoon.  I felt absolutely miserable and spent the rest of the day laying on the sofa until Mike got home from the gym.  I decided to eat my tuna fish sandwich for dinner that I had brought to work for lunch.  I’ll spare you the picture.  It wasn’t anything exciting.  After eating, I spent time with Mike for a little bit before I decided I needed to go to sleep.  I went to bed really early on Friday night.

I woke up the next morning and could barely make it out of bed.  I felt absolutely awful.  I decided to go to the doctor to see what was actually going on.  I was told that I have an upper respiratory infection and a really bad ear infection.  So I was given antibiotics and sent on my way.  The doctor also scared me a lot about Crohn’s disease and I really didn’t think that was necessary.  All of this is a lot to take in and by her saying some things to me that she did, it just made it worse.  It’s been a really rough two months that I have been going through dealing with my health.  I’m trying my absolute hardest to get myself well.  It just seems like nothing I do is working.  It’s frustrating.

I filled my prescription, and picked up a few other medications and went home and tried to get myself hydrated.  The doctor said if I got anymore dehydrated that I should run to the emergency room.  Well I was definitely not going there so I drank as much as I possibly could and went to sleep.  I ended up sleeping for a good three hours.  We were supposed to hang out with one of Mike’s friends/groomsman and his fiancée but I couldn’t leave the house.  So we cancelled on them.  I felt bad but right now my health is more important.

Mike made us turkey burgers for dinner and sweet potato fries.

Turkey Burger w/sweet potato fries (sorry for the blurry picture)

After dinner, Mike picked us up Moneyball to watch from Redbox.  I wasn’t too impressed by this movie.  I thought it was just okay.  I was expecting a lot more after all of the hype the movie got.  It was boring in parts and I was disappointed.  I normally like movies that are about real life things and this one just fell flat for me.  I am not a huge Brad Pitt fan either.  I thought Jonah Hill was good in the movie.  It was strange watching him play a serious role.  Have you seen Moneyball or any of the movies nominated for awards last night?
Yesterday, Mike and I went to the supermarket to stock up on some food items for the week.  We both really wanted Italian food for dinner.  I’m kind of limited on what I can order right now.  So I figured I could create my own pasta dish at any Italian restaurant.  We both kept thinking about the Olive Garden.  So we ordered take out.  I asked for fettuccine with melted butter on it with grilled chicken.  I ordered minestron soup instead of their delicious salad.  Well I was very disappointed with what I was given.
The soup came out properly.  I had just a few tastes of it because I was nervous about how my stomach was going to react from it.

Minestrone soup


My pasta

I was extremely disappointed with how my food was!  I took a taste and it was SO spicy!  I thought that was odd because all I asked for was melted butter on it.  There was some thicker buttery type sauce over the pasta but I just couldn’t get over the spice.  It was awful!  The chicken wasn’t grilled. It tasted like a soggy pan-fried chicken.  It was awful!!!!  I was really disappointed and upset.  Not only did we waste money on it but I requested the food prepared a certain way because of my health issues.  GR!!!!  Needless to say, my stomach was not at all happy with me last night or this morning.  I am definitely planning on contacting the Olive Garden about this. 
The rest of the night, we spent watching the Oscars.  I was so incredibly bored watching it.  It was pretty disappointing this year.  I liked the opening number that Billy Crystal did but that was about it.  We made it to about 10:15pm and then shut the tv off.  We were both falling asleep.
Now, here we are another week.  I probably shouldn’t have come into work today because I am still not feeling well at all but I knew I had a lot of work to take care of.  I’m just hoping this day flies by and that I start feeling better very soon.  I’m thinking about getting a second opinion for my Crohn’s Disease because I’m starting to believe that this doctor doesn’t know what she is doing.
Alright, have a great Monday!
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10 thoughts on “A Sickly Weekend At Home…

  1. Ugh this is just the worst! Being sick on top of being sick : ( Colds are the worst because there’s very litte you an take! Good luck with the anitbiotics…but be extra mindful of your belly. Certain ones used to throw me into a horrible flare! You may want to take probiotics too.

    Poor thing…I hope something gives soon and you get a break! Rest as much as possible because your body is fighting an awful lot right now!

    • I totally agree with you! It definitely sucks! I’m beginning to realize there isn’t much to take. Also it’s frustrating not knowing what to take when you have a headache. I’ve been taking probiotics. So I’m good there. :)

      Thank you so much! I’m trying to.

  2. Oh no, what a miserable weekend. Hopefully the ear infection and upper respiratory issues will clear up now that you’re on an antibiotic. They can truly work wonders. Getting a second opinion on the Crohn’s course of action sounds like a good plan – maybe there’s something another doctor could prescribe or suggest? After two months, you more than deserve a break. Feel better!!

    • I hope they clear up too! You are exactly right. Antibotics do work wonders. You are definitely right! I did make an appointment for a second opinion. I’m hoping that this doctor can help me since he directly focuses on Crohn’s and IBD. Thank you :)

  3. I think a second opinion is a really good idea. I’ve heard lots of stories about how one doctor treated someone for months with no result, but a second opinion got them the relief they needed. Hopefully it gets better. It’s been way too long for you to suffer like this. Feel better girl!

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