Freaky Friday…

Good Morning!  Happy Friday!!  So glad that it has finally arrived!  The weekend is right around the corner.  What are you doing this weekend?  I heard that where I live we are supposed to get 1 inch of snow tonight and then 1 to 3 inches of snow tomorrow morning.  I kind of hope that isn’t true.  I am scheduled for my hair and makeup trial for our wedding.  I want to be able to have it done tomorrow so I don’t need to worry about it.  I hope that the weather won’t be too bad that they will cancel.  Fingers crossed!  I’m actually quite nervous about it.  I haven’t completely decided on my hair style yet.  I have a few pictures that I am going to bring with me.  As far as my makeup goes, I pretty much know what I want.  So I’m good with that.  I will do a full recap on Wedding Talk Wednesday. 

Mike and I are also planning on ordering our Save the Dates finally tonight!  I am so far behind with this.  I’m hoping to get it out by next week.  I would like it out by next Friday because that is exactly 6 months to our wedding but I don’t know if that is going to happen.  As long as it’s out by next week/weekend, I will be happy. 

Yesterday, I ended up leaving work a little early because I wasn’t feeling good.  I started getting extremely sharp pains in my stomach and I’m sure you can figure out the rest.  ;)  Ick.  I couldn’t sit at my desk.  So I ended up leaving early.  I felt so sick driving home.  Once I got home,  I just layed down for a few hours until I decided to throw something together for dinner.  I wanted something really gentle on my stomach.  So I decided to make scrambled eggs with a toasted bagel.  You can’t go wrong with breakfast food!

My dinner..

I just felt sick the rest of the night.  I’m hoping that this new medicine starts kicking in soon.  I know it’s not a miracle drug but I would have thought I would have some relief by now.  Before I know it, I will have been walking around like tihs for 2 months!  2 months!  I can’t believe that.  It’s just awful.  It really makes me feel miserable.  I’ve been pushing people away too that ask me to hang out or do things.  I just don’t feel good and I don’t want to bring them down with me.  So I’ve been spending time strictly with family that understand what I am going through.  It’s hard.  I don’t mean to act this way but it’s difficult not to when you aren’t feeling well.
I haven’t talked about this since I first mentioned this situation on my blog.  The person that showed up at my work asking for me, that I had no clue who they were have not showed up since.  I have been escorted into work and out of work by security guards since then.  Today was their last day doing that.  So now I’m nervous.  The security guard brought up a good point to me today.  He said that they should have had them patrolling until Tuesday.  You never know what this guy is thinking for Valentine’s Day.  That freaks me out and makes me physically ill.  I just hope this person got the hint with cops and security patrolling my office that he is not welcome here and that I do NOT know who he is nor do I want to know who he is. I want to be left alone and be able to live in peace.
I’d be lying if I said I still am not nervous to walk around by myself or go places alone.  I am.  I am always thinking about this in the back of my mind.  I just hope that this sick individual keeps away and that it was a one time occurrence.  It just reminds you of how careful you need to be protecting  your identity and everything especially when writing on your blog.  You never know who is reading. So be careful.
So that is all I have for today.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I hope to check in at some point this weekend to update you especially on our Valentine’s Day that we are celebrating together tomorrow.  Have a good Friday!! 
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10 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…

  1. Why is it that after practically no snow the entire winter, we get it only on the days that are most inconvenient? I hope you’re still able to do your hair and makeup trial tomorrow!

    So glad to hear that the guy hasn’t made a return appearance at your office. Hopefully he got the message, loud and clear. I still feel so bad that you had to go through that. What a frightening situation, and it makes total sense that you’re extra cautious when going out alone now.

    Also, as always, fingers crossed that you feel better VERY soon. Don’t worry about having to postpone plans with people. Your health comes first, and everyone understands.

    • I have no clue! I hate that! I just want a nice big snowstorm and then I will feel satisfied. Haha! :)

      I hope he got the message too! It’s really scary. I’m just nervous about tomorrow with it being Valentine’s Day and all. I hope he stays away! I totally agree. It’s very scary.

      Thakn you so much! :) You are right. I hope most people understand.

  2. I hope that sicko stays far away! Sorry you’re still feeling so awful. My friends grew quite accustomed to sitting on my couch during my sickest times, and leaving whenever I told them it was time. People you trust and who love you will do whatever you need!

  3. Hey love!

    Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend with your man! I also wanted to say that I hope the makeup trial for the wedding went good! You will have to let me know!

    Happy Sunday! <3

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