What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger…

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I can’t complain about mine.  It’s going well.  I thought yesterday went by pretty quickly so I was glad about that.  I’m hoping today goes by quickly as well.  It’s always better when you are so busy at work.  It makes the time fly by so quickly!

Quick update about my health.  I don’t want to keep complaining about how I don’t feel good and things of that nature.  I know I’ve been doing that for quite sometime now and I don’t want to bring anyone down.  So I apologize for that.  I called my doctor yesterday and she prescribed me a medication to take in addition to the other medication she originally prescribed for Crohn’s.  This medication should kill the flare-up.  Then other medication will just be my maintenance medicine.  I only need to be on this other medication for a week to two weeks depending on how long it takes for the flare-up to go away.  I’m hoping it’s only a week or less because I’m nervous about side effects.  I took this medicine this morning so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will provide me with some relief.

Enough about that, for dinner last night, we had leftovers from the chicken that I made in the crockpot on Sunday night.  Let me tell you, this chicken is just so delicious!  It’s good cold and it tastes great as leftovers the next day.  I am definitely buying a bigger chicken the next time because it was good for two meals.  Now we don’t have any leftover.  It’s so easy to make in the crockpot.  It’s worth it to try! 

I also got an amazing deal over the weekend, thanks to Melissa, on Alexia fries.  I’ve become obsessed with them lately.  If you like them too, you are in luck!  Target has them on sale until Saturday.  They have a $1.00 off coupon on their site.  So print that.  Then go to Alexia’s website and print the coupon for $1.25 off.  You can stack them and use both coupons at Target since one is a Target coupon and one is a manufacturers coupon.  I ended up getting the sweet potato puffs for 79 cents!!!  You have to do this deal!

Sweet Potato puffs


My dinner plate

Ick, I made canned string beans last night thinking that they would be mushy enough for my stomach to handle.  They were horrible!  I used to love canned string beans when I was little.  My grandmom (my dad’s mom) would only make canned string beans for Melissa and I as a vegetable when we ate dinner at her house.  I guess back then I grew to like it because I knew that was the only vegetable we would get from her house.  Now, it’s awful!  I definitely prefer fresh string beans and any fresh vegetables for that matter.  Yuck!
I don’t know if you’ve heard Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.”  I’ve become in love with this song lately. I think it’s because it’s that type of song that almost every single person can relate to.  Most people have gone through some hard time in their life and it doesn’t bring you down, but it makes you that much stronger for having gone through it and making it out okay.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone
What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn’t mean I’m over cause you’re gone
I like these lyrics so much.  I feel like I have gone through a lot over the past couple of years in regards to my family and now with my health.  It’s been really stressful and frustrating at times but I am a fighter.  I am a strong person and I know that being a strong person, I can push through anything.  Is there a song that you really connect with or a song that has strong meaning to you?
Enjoy your Tuesday!
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16 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger…

  1. That’s so funny, I just did a similar post on Friday about that song, isn’t it a great song?? I love it!! :)
    Did your Dr put you on prednisone for the flair up? You should ask about Entocort EC- it is what I’m on (along with Asacol- 6 pills/a day)- it has been a miracle drug! I’m taking 6mg right now, but started with 9mg.
    Keep me updated- would love to know about your Crohn’s journey as well! Thinking of you- email me if you need to talk! Xo

  2. I’m sure it’s going to come as a huge shock that I love, love, love that song of Kelly’s ;) It’s my second favorite from the new CD and I listen at least once per day. It’s also the musical inspiration for my new book, so it runs through my head just about every morning when I sit down to work. That’s one of the things I love most about Kelly’s music, that it’s something we can all relate to in some way. Her “Breakaway” in particular will always have special meaning for me.

    I hope the new medicine will work and provide you with some much-deserved relief.

    • Haha! When I wrote the post, I definitely thought of your love of her and her music. She is so inspsirational. :) That is awesome! I love that. Breakaway is a great song too. She is super talented.

      Thank you so much :) I hope so too!

  3. I love that new Kelly Clarkson song! I just added it to my new gym playlist and included it twice because I liked it so much!

    Don’t feel like you have to apologize for discussing your journey through Crohn’s. A lot of people have ongoing, chronic health problems and it helps a lot to read posts like your’s and know that there are normal people, with normal lives, living with health problems! I look forward to hearing more about your journey and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Me too! It’s such a great song with great meaning! :)

      You are right. I never thought of that way. If I can help someone by talking about what I’m going through then it would be amazing. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. It really does mean so much to me. :)

  4. Ever since I read your blog post title this morning, I’ve had that Kelly Clarkson song stuck in my head!! Haha, but that is definitely a good thing; I love that song! Happiness and health is on its way, lovey! Together, we are weathering through this rough patch and I am certain that before you know it, you will be feeling well again and able to do all you wish to! I love you bunches! <33

    • Haha! Me too! I had that song stuck in my head all morning for some reason. I hope so! I can’t stand much more of this. You are right. We are strong and we will get through everything! “You have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow.” So true. I love you lots! <3 <3

  5. I love that song! It came on the radio while I was driving to work this morning and I totally rocked out to it. People on the highway probably thought I was a weirdo, but that’s okay.
    I really hope the new meds the doctor gave you will help. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Think positive – the flare-up will be over soon.

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