Wedding Talk Wednesday: Our Engagement Pictures…

Happy Wednesday!  I was planning on pushing myself to go into work today but I physically just do not feel ready.  I don’t want to push something too soon and then set me back even further than I am right now.  So I have come up with a plan.  The plan is that I am not going in today or tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment with a gastrointestinal doctor anyway.  Then on Friday, I am going to go into work.  I’m getting special permission to come in Sunday to work.  I think working Sunday will be extremely beneficial to me because no one will be there to distract me.  I can do everything that I need to get done without being interrupted.  Then Monday, I have another doctors appointment in the city so I can’t go to work that day.  So my official week back will start next week on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed that my plan goes as I have decided!

Luckily through all of this, my supervisor has been extremely understanding and supportive.  I am very lucky about that.  I hope my co-workers will feel the same way.  I don’t want to burden anyone with my work.  I am still feeling sore and in pain today.  I’m hoping that one day I will wake up and be pain-free!  In time, I’m sure.  I had a rough time sleeping last night.  I didn’t get much sleep at all.  It was awful.  I’m hoping to take a nap at some point today.  I could definitely use it.

I’m not going to bore you with a picture of dinner from last night because it was our leftovers from Monday night.  So instead of doing that, I welcome the return of Wedding Talk Wednesday!!  I told you I received the Toasting Flutes and Cake Server that I had ordered but I think I am going to share them next week.  This week is reserved for our Engagement Pictures.  I’m going to give a bit of a back story on these because most of you know we already had one engagement session and these are from our second.

Our first engagement session was taken by a different photographer.  We only liked about a handful of the pictures from that session.  For the most part, they couldn’t be used for Save the Dates.  We were honestly disappointed.  We had spent a ton of money on them and we really lost out.

Our wedding photographer who is absolutely phenomenal in what he does, offered to do an engagement session for us.  I was super excited for the chance to work with our wedding photographer and see what he can do.  He made us feel so relaxed and we had so much fun.  I cannot wait to work with him on our wedding day!  Let me tell you, I am super excited about our engagement pictures.  I love all of them so much I am having a hard time choosing which ones I like the best.  It’s going to be difficult to decide which we want to use for our Save the Dates.

So I’m going to share with all of you just a sample of some of the pictures from our Engagement session.  Let me know what you think!

I am so happy with them!  I cannot wait to start designing our Save the Dates.  We need to send them out next month already!  I can’t believe it!  I will definitely do a Wedding Talk Wednesday post on our Save the Dates for sure!

Also in my time of resting at home, I started our registry from the second place that we have registered at.  I also went through and fixed things on our first registry.  So I think things are good to go!  I’m getting excited about things.

Do you think you will take engagement pictures?  Did you take engagement pictures if you are married or engaged?

Well that concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday post!  Have a great day!  :)



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27 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: Our Engagement Pictures…

  1. It’s awesome that your supervisor is being so understanding – that really makes such a difference, when you have enough support to feel comfortable letting going of the worries. Hopefully it’ll clear the way for you to start feeling better and better. Sending continued good thoughts for your doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

    LOVE the new set of engagement pictures … they look like they’re straight out of a magazine! :) The first, fifth, and last ones are my favorites. So sweet!!

    • I totally agree with you. I’m glad that he was being understanding. I still can’t help but feel bad and feel like I’m going to be so far behind in my work. I’m going to try and get to work on Sunday so that I can try and see everything that I missed and push myself ahead. I am such a worry wort! Thank you :)

      Thank you so much! :) I love them so much better too!

  2. Definitely take the time you need to rest and recover. That’s great that your work is so accomodating. I always stress out a lot when I feel like I’m not performing 100% at work, so it makes it so much easier when they are understanding. I love the photos! Right now, we aren’t planning on doing engagement photos just to save some money.

    • I am most definitely taking my time. I’m trying to focus on my health right now and then everything else will follow. I think it’s great too. I was so nervous about not going to work and being so far behind. I’m glad that they were nice about it.

      Thank you so much :)

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  4. Awww girl I hope you are feeling a lot better, sending you love <3

    The pics are SO beautiful! Hope you are too cute! I can see the love in these pics too, so excited for you two!!! Thank you for sharing these!

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