A Holiday Type Dinner…

Good Morning!!  Happy Thursday!  Well for most of us, including myself, I’m sure it’s our Friday.  After today,  I don’t have to be at work until Tuesday and then next week I have off on Friday as well.  I’m loving this!  Do you have off tomorrow and Monday?  I hope all of you have finished your holiday shopping.  I have a few things that I want to do.  I’ll have to get to them at some point this weekend.

After work,  I had to run some errands to get things together for the gifts that I am giving two of my friends at work.  I went to AC Moore and let me tell you, that store was packed!!  The parking lot was packed.  The store was packed.  It was a mess.  There was just traffic everywhere yesterday.  I couldn’t wait to get home.  Going back to AC Moore though, that is one of the best craft stores.  I think that is my favorite.  They always have really good deals and decent prices.  I’m planning on doing a craft store circuit on Monday to see the discounted items from Christmas.  Like I’ve mentioned before, our colors are plum, silver and hints of fuchsia for the flowers for our wedding.  I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful silver ribbon and sparkly things of that nature. So I’m hoping I can get some of that stuff for dirt cheap!   

When I got home and got the mail, I was jumping for joy!  Our engagement picture disc had arrived!  Of course I ripped the thing open and immediately starting looking at the pictures on my computer.  I am so incredibly happy with our wedding photographers work.  I am planning on showing you guys our pictures next Wednesday in my Wedding Talk Wednesday post.  I am very pleased with them.  Now I can start working on our Save the Dates which I am planning on sending out in February which will be 6 months till the wedding.  The pictures from our first engagement session will not go to waste.  Although, we were not pleased with all of them, there are some that I happen to really like.  So what I am going to do is I am going to take all of the pictures I like from that session and all of them that I like from this one and put them together in our guest book and display various ones at some point at our wedding.  I don’t want to give away all of my secrets.  So you will just have to wait and see!

Dinner was easy last night because it was cooking in the crock pot all day.  I wanted to make a holiday Hanukkah dinner for Mike and I.  I didn’t go the traditional route and make potato latkes because I didn’t have time and I didn’t have enough potatoes.  I still had to bake more cookies last night.  So instead of potato latkes, I made roasted potatoes.  I’m hoping to make latkes at some point.  I’ve never made them before and I think it would be amazing to try baking them instead of frying them.  I’m not a huge fan of fried food.  It bothers my stomach not to mention it’s not healthy to eat all of that fried stuff. 

I made a roast using my favorite recipe that I use whenever make a roast.  The key to making a flavorful roast is two ingredients, in my opinion.  Those are a french onion soup mix packet, and a bottle of chili sauce.  You don’t need anything else.  Just throw that in the crock pot and you aer good to go!  The meat is so tender and flavorful.  It’s comforting and reminds me of when my mom used to make us roasts for dinner when we were younger.  I used to love nights that she made a roast.

Since Caesar Salad is Mike’s absolute favorite, I picked up a bag mix for Caesar Salad at the supermarket.  Normally, I don’t buy them because they are expensive but this one was on sale and had a $1 off coupon attached to it.  So I ended up paying a little over $1 for it.  It wasn’t bad in my opinion especially since it comes with all of the ingredients to make a Caesar Salad right there in the bag.

My salad

Now for these next pictures, keep in mind that Mike and I have no clue how to correctly slice meat.  I don’t know how to correctly slice meat, chicken, turkey, etc.  I should probably do some research and learn at some point.  It doesn’t look very presentable when it’s not sliced properly.  I promise it still tastes amazing though.

My dinner plate


Our horribly sliced meat job

After dinner, Mike and I baked some cookies together.  I had fun baking with him even though I ended up burning the gingerbread men.  That was the only baking fail of the evening.  I got all of the cookies together that I wanted to bring into work for my friends and I made them little cookie packages as a gift.  I hope they like it!
I really enjoy this time of year.  I love the lights, the music, the holidays and the energy that it brings.  I don’t like all of the crowds though but I can overlook that.  I look back at times when I was younger and we would celebrate the 8 nights of Hanukkah.  Every night we would gather around the menorah and light the candles and sing the prayers together.  Melissa and I would take turns lighting the candles each night.  Then after the prayers were said and the candles were lit, it was time to open presents.  My mom always made sure that we each had something for every night of Hanukkah.  I loved it.  The best part would be when my mom would venture upstairs to where she hid our presents and bring out a different one each night.  It was so suspenseful wondering which box you were going to get each night.
I think about those times and I miss it.  We don’t do the 8 nights of Hanukkah anymore.  I don’t remember the last time I lit a menorah.  That is going to change though.  I know that once Mike and I have children, we are definitely going to do those traditions and give them presents for the full 8 nights.  I think it’s so special to do those things with your children when you are younger so that we can create new memories and new traditions for our little family.  It makes me happy to think of that in the future.
Do you have certain traditions that your family does each year for Christmas or Hanukkah?  Will you continue those traditions when/if you have children or will you make new ones?
Have a great Thursday!
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14 thoughts on “A Holiday Type Dinner…

  1. My mom always used to do the same thing – she’d keep all the wrapped presents in her closet, and after we lit the menorah, my dad would hang out with my sister and me while Mom went upstairs to bring down the gifts. It was a fun kind of suspense! She still likes to make a point of giving us a gift each night, but we leave all the wrapped presents downstairs now so everyone can look at them all week and have it feel festive. I think out of all our Hanukkah traditions, my favorite is our get-together with my mom’s side of the family. Everyone always comes over for dinner (pizza and donuts!), to exchange gifts, and to sometimes play dreidel. It’s my favorite day of the year :)

    I love that you’re planning to carry on your traditions with your own children one day. You’re going to be such a great mom!

  2. We have a huge, meatless Christmas Eve feast which is called Wigilia in Polish. We don’t sit down to eat until the first star shines in the sky because it represents the star that led people to where baby Jesus was born. The whole meal has a lot of religious symbolism too, it’s kind of cool. We also open our gifts after dinner, but once Munchkin starts understanding the idea of Santa I want to do Christmas morning with him.
    As bad as they are for you, I love latkes! Happy Hanukkah!

    • That sounds awesome! I love that you don’t sit down to dinner until the first star shines in the sky. That is such a great tradition. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)

      Me too! They are so good! Thanks :)

  3. My sister’s husband visiting has become a Christmas tradition in our fam. His family is Jewish, so he’s spent every Christmas with us since they met and well, Christmas is insane with my fam. I’m surprised he wants to come back! Hah. We decorate our tree at my mom’s on Christmas eve since that’s usually the night every is finally in town.

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