Wedding Talk Wednesday: The First Dance…

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday!  We made it halfway through the week!  The longest week ever for some reason!  The meeting I had yesterday went well.  I was shocked to see everyone make it into work in time for the meeting. It was at 8:30am.  Normally, my office doesn’t officially open until 9:30am but people show up much later than that.  The start time and end time at my work is very flexible.  Hence, the reason that I get into work at 6:30am every morning.  So I was glad that the meeting went well.  It’s always a good thing to be reassured certain things for your company.  What time do you start work in the morning?

After work, I picked up Melissa and we ran some errands together.  She introduced me to a new produce store.  I stopped going to the old one because their produce was going bad so quickly and I didn’t like the people who worked there.  I’m glad that she showed me this new store.  Their prices are great!  I ended up getting a bag of pears for $1.75!  An entire bag filled with pears!  Not bad if you ask me.  I’ve been wanting pears but they’ve been so expensive lately so I haven’t bought them.  This was definitely a deal that I couldn’t pass up.

We also stopped at Subway.  They are running a promotion for the entire month of December right now.  They are offering two of their signature 6-inch hoagies for $2!  That is an incredible deal!  So I decided to order their Meatball Marinara sandwich.  I had never had it before.

The picture that I took came out awful so I’d rather spare you the embarrassment.

I was impressed!  It was a really good sandwich.  The meatballs had great flavor. The bread was soft and toasty. The sauce was very flavorful too.  I really enjoyed it.  Plus for $2 how can you go wrong?  That means if you want a foot long, it will cost you $4.  That still is not a bad deal at all!  Especially if you want to save the other half for lunch the next day or something.  It’s really a good deal especially during these awful times.

After dinner, Melissa and I went over to Kohl’s.  I have 2 store credits there, and a free $10 that I was sent in the mail along with a 20% off coupon.  I was determined to find something to wear on Saturday.  On Saturday, Mike and I are going to see a group of people that we used to be friends with in college for a holiday party.  We haven’t seen them in almost 6 years due to some differences but we were invited to his old college roommates house for a party.  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous and terrified to go.  So  I wanted to get something cute to wear since I haven’t seen these people in so many years.  Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long!  Sadly, we didn’t find anything!  I’m hoping to try another Kohl’s later on in the week. 

So let’s get to Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Today’s topic is: The First Dance.  This is an imperative part to your wedding.  This is the moment that you make your big debut as husband and wife.  Mike and I have already decided, well at least I decided, haha, that we are going to have our first dance choreographed.  Mike isn’t really much of a dancer and I want our first dance to be memorable and have movement and go with the song that we choose.  I think it’s important.  I want to look back at our wedding video and see our first dance and all of those moments that went along with it.  From picking the song, to choreographing the dance, to remembering our entire relationship from the beginning to that moment.  I think it’s so special and I just want it to look that way.  Would you or did you have your first dance choreographed?

We haven’t decided on a first dance song just yet.  We talked about it briefly but we haven’t really sat down and tried to figure it out.  I think we still have some time.  We have two songs from our relationship.  One is “God Bless the Broken Road” by the Rascal Flatts.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that song!  It’s used so much as a first dance song and our friends actually used it for their wedding.  So I’m moving away from that one. 

Another song from our relationship that some of you might not be familiar with is, “Here by Me,” from 3 Doors Down.

I don’t know if I would want that as our first dance song though.  I really like the song and all but I just don’t know.  I have a few other songs that I really like.  I think “Make You Feel My Love,” by Adele is a beautiful song!  I am a big fan of Adele and I think this is such a pretty song.  It’s been in so many movies too.

I am a big fan of Lady Antebellum lately and I love their new song, “Just A Kiss.”  I think that would be a beautiful first dance song as well.  I really like the lyrics in this song too.

I’ve mentioned before that Mike and I are big Aaron Lewis fan’s.  He is the lead singer of the band Staind.  We have seen him perform his acoustic shows numerous times and I have fallen in love with his song, “Tangled Up In You.”  I think this might be too long for a first dance song though.

One of my most treasured favorites is from my favorite singer of all-time, Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble recorded his own version, it’s “The Way You Look Tonight.”  I have loved this song ever since I was a little girl!  This song is a MUST be played at our wedding.  I need to dance to this song.

Like I said earlier, Mike and I are going to have to sit down and make this decision together.  These are just songs that I have fallen in love with and the lyrics have so much meaning to me that I think would make beautiful first dance songs.  Regardless if we pick any of these as a first dance song, I would like it played at some point throughout the night of our wedding.

Do you like any of these songs?  What was your first dance song, if you are married?  If you aren’t married, do you have a song in mind that you have always loved to be your first dance song?

Well that concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday post.  Like I always say, if you have any wedding topics that you would like me to feature on Wednesdays, please don’t hesitate to tell me!  I’m trying to keep this up for every single Wednesday leading up to our wedding.  It’s going to be hard but I would like for it to happen.  So I’m definitely open for topic suggestions! 

Have a great Wednesday!

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14 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: The First Dance…

  1. My cousin used God Bless the Broken Road as her first dance song–it’s so beautiful–I love it! I think we have a general idea of what we want as our first dance song, we just have to make the official decision. What I’ve really been struggling with is my song with my dad! Every time I sit down to listen to some, I start bawling have to stop. I don’t know why it gets me so emotional!

    • I really love that song too! I was upset when our friends used it for their first dance song. They are in our wedding so I feel like it would be kind of weird if we both had it as our first dance song. Thankfully, we both like a ton of other songs so we have options :) That is awesome! I can imagine that it would be hard to pick out that song. I haven’t even thought about that yet. I have a rocky relationship with my dad. I’m not sure if I’m going to be dancing with him or my mom yet or maybe split the time and dance with both? It’s going to be a project to decide. ;)

  2. Love all your choices! “Make You Feel My Love” is such a pretty song. It must be hard to narrow all the options down to only one — there are so many whose lyrics and melodies are beautiful. I want to use “A Moment Like This” for mine one day. The first time I heard it, that’s what I thought of, how perfect it’d be for a first dance song!

    • Thank you! :) I love that song too. It’s so beautiful. I think it’s going to be difficult especially when we sit down and try to decide. I think the hardest part will be agreeing on the same song. That is a really good song! That would be perfect for a first dance song. I agree!

  3. I go back and forth between wanting to use Brad Paisley’s Then and Bryan Adams When You Love Someone. All your options would make great first dance songs though!

  4. I don’t know any of those songs, lol. I think when I get married our first dance will be to a 311 song, since the fact Scott listed them as one of his favorite bands is what made me start talking to him. I’m not sure which one though, Love Song is sort of already done by a lot of people.

  5. Good choices! I think you’re right about some being too long – I think the biggest criteria is that its short and sweet, and that it fits the couple. And you DEF have time, my best picked her song a WEEK before – she was in Kohls, heard it, and that was that! IIt was ingrid someone, take me the way I am. I have NO clue what song I’d pick, but then I’m single, ha.

    • Thank you! :) I totally agree with you. It gets to be a bit much if you are sitting there and the couple is dancing to a 5 minute long song. I think that would be way too long. Haha, that is too funny! That is a cute song. :)

  6. Great song choices! My husband and I danced to “God Bless the Broken Road” for our wedding 6 years ago. Every time I hear that song, I cannot help but smile and think of how wonderful our wedding was!

    • Thank you! :) I love that song so much! That is so sweet! I originally would have loved to dance to that song but our friends who are actually in our wedding used that as their wedding song. So I would like to do something different. I definitely want it played over the course of the evening though. It’s such a great song.

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