Wedding Talk Wednesday: The Registry….

Good Morning!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Today is my Friday since I am off from work tomorrow and actual Friday.  I’m sure it’s probably the same with the most of you!  Do any of you have plans for Thanksgiving Eve?  We are going to do something.  I’m just not sure what exactly we are going to do yet.  It should be fun though.  I’m thinking about starting on making some dessert after work today.  I have to stop at the supermarket on my ride home to pick up a few things that I need and then after that I’m thinking of starting to bake.  I know I have a lot to do so I just don’t want to be too overwhelmed. 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  I’m doing the same thing I did last year.  I’m going to Mike’s Aunt’s house for a little bit and then coming back to my house and Melissa and my mom, and hopefully Oliver will be coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.  I cannot wait!  I think Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite of all time!  I seriously am so excited.  I just hope the turkey comes out good!  I’m using a new recipe and I’m nervous about it. I don’t think I’ve used the same turkey recipe twice.  I have yet to find one that I am in love with.

So yesterday after work, I had some errands to run and when I finally got home all I wanted was something comforting for dinner.  It was a cold and rainy day and I wanted something to warm my soul.  So I looked in the freezer and saw a package of Trader Joe’s Spinach Tortellini and then dinner was created!

Spinach Tortellini

I made the tortellini and added some ziti because I wanted leftovers for tonight so I didn’t have to do as much cooking.  I also cooked some turkey meatballs that I had saved in the freezer.  I served everything with my favorite Alfredo sauce of all time!  It’s Ragu Light Parmasean Alfredo.  So good!  I will not use any other alfredo sauce.  This has been my favorite for several years now.  My mom got me hooked on it. 

My favorite alfredo sauce

I also roasted up some veggies of course and then dinner was served!  It was a delicious, quick and easy meal.

My dinner plate also served with texas toast! yum!


Delicious dinner

I am definitely looking forward to the leftovers from this dinner tonight.  Yum!
So today is Wedding Talk Wednesday!  For today’s feature, I wanted to talk about The Registry.  Mike and I registered at one place last weekend.  We are planning on registering at one more and I think that might be it for us.  I think 2 registries is enough plus if we decided to do a Honeymoon Registry, it will be more than enough.  I will get into the Honeymoon Registry on another Wedding Talk Wednesday.  For now, let’s stick with the normal wedding registry.
The point of registering is for your wedding guests, friends and family to buy you items that you are not able to afford to get for yourself for your home.  You essentially pick places that sell items that you are interested in getting and use a scan gun and scan the items that you want for your home.  Then your guests are able to either look up your registry online via the store’s website or go into the store and have your registry printed out.  It’s actually a great concept because you know the gifts that you will be receiving for your wedding and your shower will be gifts that you actually want.  You rarely will have to return items unless someone decides to get you something not on your registry.
The top place to register now is Bed, Bath, and Beyond
At Bed, Bath and Beyond, you are given a consultant who will walk around to every single section of the store with you to help you register.  They will ask you what items you need for you home and recommend the best ones that you should register for.  The good thing about registering there, is that your guests are able to use those 20% off coupons on everything!  I don’t know about you but I have an entire drawer full of them.  Take note, that you are able to use expired coupons which is awesome!  I have so many that are expired that I can still use.
Bed, Bath and Beyond also offers incentives for registering for particular items.  On their website, they have a list of items that if you register for a certain amount of them, they give you a form to send in and you will receive a free item!  It doesn’t even matter if someone buys you the item or not.  You just have to register for it. What a great perk! 
Another place to register is Kohl’s.
Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to shop.  They are always sending out coupons and having great sales.  They have Kohl’s cash which is if you spend $50, you get $10 in Kohl’s cash which is essential free money to spend the next time you are shopping there.  They have a ton of houseware items that you can register for and they sell Food Network and Rachael Ray items which I am a huge fan of.
If you register there, they offer you and your guests right off the bat 15% off items on the registry.  However, if you are coupon savvy, you know that you almost always will be able to get a 20% or 30% off coupon to make an even better deal.  Kohl’s also offers the incentive program like the other stores, that if you register for a particular amount of items, they will send you a free gift!  I’m loving that stores do that!
Another popular place to register is Macy’s.  I have featured the Sip & Scan Event that Mike and I attended not too long ago.  I was not impressed.  I didn’t enjoy starting a registry there.  Since then, Mike and I have decided to get rid of our Macy’s registry all together.  I didn’t like our experience there or anything that we were looking for.  We have decided to go with other places instead.  To each their own.  It’s worth checking out though.
The next place is Williams-Sonoma
I love this store!  I think if I had enough money I would buy everything that store offers!  I cannot go to the mall without walking into that store.  Yes, I’ve been in there a million times but that doesn’t stop me from going in every time.  They offer for up to 6 months after the date of your wedding, you’ll receive a 10% discount toward the purchase of any remaining registry items. And you’ll also receive 10% off items outside your registry.  They also have special offers for registering for certain items at their store. 
The last store I am going to feature today is Crate and Barrel.
This store is amazing!  I’ve only been there one time but I am dying to go back especially since I see so many things from there in the blog world.  After your wedding, they offer you 10% off all items even furniture for 6 months!  You are also able to register for furniture from there if that is something you are looking to do.
There are so many options of where to register.  Make sure that you and your fiance go through and make the best decision for you.  You can’t go wrong with where you register.  All of these places are great!
Before I go, I wanted to talk about how Wedding Channel has come up with a list of the Top 10 Registry Must Haves:
1.)  Kitchen Aid Mixer
2.) Matching Towels
3.) A Double-Duty Coffeemaker
4.) A Sleek Slow-Cooker
5.) Modern Everyday China
6.) All-Purpose Skillets
7.) A Heavy-Duty Dutch Oven
8.) A Colorful Serving Dish
9.) A Not Your Mom’s Casserole Dish
10.) A Super-Sharp Knife
So what are your thoughts?  Do you agree with this list?  Anything that you would add?  Where is your top place that you want to register or the top place that you registered?  What is one item that you have to register for?
Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Eve!  I will be back tomorrow morning for a quick update before I begin my cooking extravaganza!  Be safe!
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19 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: The Registry….

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Enjoy your baking! It’s so nice that you and Mike spend time with both of your families on the holiday. I imagine that must be tough for a lot of couples, having to choose where to go, but it sounds like you divide the time perfectly :) Thanksgiving’s going to be really hard for my family this year – usually, it’s one of my favorite days, but thinking of having it without my Gram makes me feel sick – but I’m determined to try to look on the bright side.

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the best! That store seriously has everything!

    • Thank you! :) It definitely is hard to split up the holidays. I think we are managing well so far. I can imagine that it might be harder once we have children. I hope it all goes smoothly.

      I hope your Thanksgiving was great! I know it must have been hard this year but know that your grandmom is always looking down on you. :)

      I totally agree!

  2. I loveeeee thanksgiving dinner and I am so excited to eat it tomorrow. Although I may just love the leftovers more! My aunt brines her turkey; it makes a big difference. She also does homemade stuffing and cuts the cranberrry (canned) sauce into fall shapes with cookie cutters. Little things like that make it so special!

    Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

    • I love it too! :) I’ve never had a brined turkey! I’ve heard good things about it. I definitely want to try it. That is so cute about the cranberry sauce! I want to try making my own stuffing at some point.

      Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. We just started our registries last weekend! It was so fun to go around scanning everything but a little overwhelming. We registered at Bloomingdale’s and Crate and Barrel. We actually don’t need a lot of kitchen stuff–we both cook a lot, so we had a bunch of stuff, but it was fun to register for all the entertaining stuff like serving bowls and platters.

  4. Making our registry was so much fun. We stuck to one store and had the most amazing consultant. She actually gave us a table of how many gifts to register for in different price points. It was really helpful to balance out our choices.

    But, the one thing I regret not doing is making a list of must haves and not just stuff we wanted. Had we made a list we would have been way more effective when we were scanning. Although we were fortunate enough to get most of the things we really needed, some obvious things like salad bowls, towels and other essentials never made it on the list!

    • Oh, wow. That is great! I really like how these stores have consultants to help. It really does make registering easier and less stressful. :)

      I totally know what you mean. We need to go through and add some things to our list. I think we are going to add those additional things on our Kohl’s registry because it’s more reasonably priced.

  5. We registered at Crate & Barrel. They had everything I wanted and it’s not too pricey. It was so easy to pick out! I mostly picked out everything online, we had most of the every day stuff…but i wanted something where our guests could send us “physical” gifts if they chose to. One of my fave registry items from there was the rice cooker, we use it alot!

  6. We’re thinking of doing our registries right after the new year. I’m definitely excited about registering at Kohls because I too love the Food Network brand and it’s the only place they sell it.
    I’m kinda sad to hear about your Macy’s experience! That’s the second place I wanted to register. Oh well, I’ll give it a try and hope it’s good :)

    • That is a good idea. Me too! I really love the Food Network line. :)

      You should still give it a try! You two might end up liking it there more than we did. I think everyone has their own preference. You need to do what is best for you.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year and I’ve been busy all day prepping and baking. I made carrot cake and pumpkin cheesecake. :)

    I can’t wait to register one day. Registering for baby stuff was a blast, I can only imagine how great home stuff can be!

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