Some Of My November Loves…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday!  Friday is so close I can taste it!  Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my wedding post yesterday.  It really meant a lot to me.  :)  Yesterday was beyond the point of busy yesterday!  We had a huge company meeting at 12pm.  That lasted an hour.  It was pretty much talking about the future of the company and stuff of that nature.  Then I had a break for an hour to scarf down my lunch before going to another meeting at 2pm.  That one was with the new guy that was hired at my work that made all of those changes.  I missed his meeting last week so this was a makeup meeting.  I left the meeting feeling a little confused and overwhelmed.  At least he explained himself and apologized for the way he treated us when he first came into the company.  I appreciated that.

I couldn’t wait to get home to relax.  I felt like I was moving a mile a minute the entire day.  I came home and planted myself on the sofa until Mike got home from work.  We ate our leftover Shepard’s Pie from the other night.  Gosh, I love that recipe.

My dinner didn't photograph well but it sure tasted yummy!

I love leftovers.  They make preparing dinner so much easier.  All I had to do was make us a salad and roast some veggies!  Very easy in my opinion.  That is what I like especially after a very stressful and crazy day!

So I wanted to talk about some of my beginning of November favorites!  I’ve been doing this, I think at least twice a month to maybe let you know of some products that I’ve been loving lately and to get your opinions on what products you have been loving.

First up, is New Thomas Breakfast Thins!  I noticed these in the supermarket and I had a $1 off coupon so I had to buy them.  I am a big fan of Thomas products.

Breakfast Thins by Thomas

I bought them in Whole Wheat but they also come in Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin and Blueberry.  Both of those sound fantastic!  The thing that I loved the most about this was that the breakfast thin was huge!  It only had 100 calories in it.  Some of those sandwich thins products are so flimsy and not filling.  They also have a bit of a chemical taste to them.  I didn’t experience that taste with these and they were not flimsy at all.

I actually enjoyed my breakfast thin for lunch today.  I had another one of my November favorites on the breakfast thin.  My other favorite is the Veggie Masala Burgers from Trader Joe’s.

Vegetable Masala Burger

I think I might have featured these before but I am going to feature them again because they are that good!  I swear they are worth buying!  First of all, they are cheaper than other brands of veggie burgers you will find in the supermarket.  They have a great Indian spice to them.  When you look at them, you can see pieces of potatoes and corn, and other vegetables.  I love that about this burger!  I am not a fan of those soy burgers but I do enjoy veggie burgers when they are made from real vegetables.  So good!  The breakfast thin held my burger great!  It was the perfect lunch.

Another product that I love is one that I have loved ever since I was a little girl.  I have always loved Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal.

Quaker Oat Squares!

I’m not sure how I discovered this cereal when I was little.  I think it was because my mom liked it.  I was seriously in love with this cereal.  I would eat it as a snack dry and I would eat it as a regular bowl of cereal.  It has such a great taste to it.  I don’t buy it as often now because it’s usually $4 or $5 at the supermarket and I will not bring myself to spend that much on a box of cereal.  I was in luck two weeks ago though because I had a coupon and it was on sale.  I knew I had to have it!  I’ve been enjoying it every morning ever since.  It brings me back to childhood and I think that’s why I like it so much.  Do you have any foods that remind you of childhood or that brings back a good memory for you?

My last favorite for the beginning of this month is one of my favorite coffees.  I love Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-cups.

Pumpkin Coffee

I have loved this coffee for a very long time now.  Every year when it comes out for the fall, I always buy a box.  I’m sad that they stopped making Pumpkin Spice Decaf.  When they did make it a few years ago, Melissa and I would always have a cup together at night while enjoying our evening tv shows.  I love pumpkin flavored coffees and this one is no exception.  It’s so comforting to me.  If you are looking to buy K-cups for a decent deal, go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Make sure you have a 20% off coupon with you.  You will get K-cups for not a bad price.  Plus, as many boxes of k-cups you buy, you can use that many 20% off coupons.  It makes for a great deal!

So there you have it!  My beginning of November favorites.  I’m sure I will do another post like this when it gets closer to the end of the month.  Tell me, what are some things you are enjoying this month so far?  Do you like anything that I mentioned?

Have a great Thursday!!  :)

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11 thoughts on “Some Of My November Loves…

  1. I’m drinking a pumpkin spice k-cup right now! They’ve also released their gingerbread k-cup flavor. I love seasonal flavors. Kevin’s 1-year-old nephew always munches on Quaker oatmeal squares as a snack, and I’m always grabbing some with him. They’re addicting!

    • I just randomly saw them at Giant last weekend. Keep an eye out. They might be at Walmart. They usually get new products first.

      You should definitely put it on your list! :) We had a Keurig brand machine and had way too many problems with it so we exchanged it for the Cuisinart Keurig and I find that it works much better. So I recommend that one.

  2. The Veggie Masala Burgers sounds really good. I need to get some at TJ sometimes to try it out. I’m always up to try new things/food. :)

  3. The Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast thins sound really yummy, especially if you toast em up.
    I really want a Keurig coffee maker! That’s going to be the first thing I add to my wedding registry.
    I haven’t made Shepherd’s Pie since last winter, I think I need to make it soon, because everyone in my house loves the stuff.

    • I think they sound really good too! I’m going to have to pick them up. The only reason I got the other ones was because I wanted to put the veggie masala burger on it as a sandwich.

      You definitely should get a Keurig! I highly recommend them. The only thing is that they are very temperamental. We had a Keurig brand machine and then we exchanged it for a Cuisinart Keurig because we had so many problems with it. The Cuisinart one is great!

      You should make it. Shepard’s pie is so comforting. I love it. :)

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