3 Years Ago Today…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday!  I’m happy that this week is almost over.  It’s been a little less stressful than the past two weeks but I think that’s only because I left early on Monday and then I was off on Tuesday.  Either way, I’m happy the weekend is near!  Did you hear it’s supposed to get down to the 40’s this weekend?!  Mike and I finally caved and turned our heat on when Mike got home from work last night.  It was getting to be entirely too cold in the house especially in the mornings.  It was torture coming out of the shower in the morning.  I thought I was going to become an icicle!  Our house feels nice and toasty now.  I’m glad about that, as long as the bill isn’t high!  ;)

Anyway, after work I decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  Lately, I’ve been really wanting rotisserie chicken’s.  They just taste so good and I like that the chicken is tender and cooked properly.  I like the seasoning and everything about it.  Plus, it lasts for more than just one meal so it’s worth the cost.  It was a little on the pricy side but it was well worth the cost.

My dinner with roasted veggies and some hash browns and sweet potato fries

I was not a fan of the hash browns that I bought.  They had a strange seasoning on them that I just didn’t care for.  I do love potatoes though.  I think I would love them in any form.  I keep dreaming of the twice baked potato that Mike’s cousin made on Saturday.  I think I’m going to have to make them sometime this week.  My mouth is just watering thinking about them!  Do you like potatoes?  What is your favorite kind of potato?

You are probably wondering what I am referring to in my blog post title today.  3 years ago today, I was in the worst car accident I have ever been in, in my life.  If you want to read about it check out the post that I linked to.  I went into a lot of detail in that post about the accident.  I was in the car with my mom and I was driving.  The accident was not my fault.  My car had a TON of damage done to it and it was pretty much brand new.  I didn’t even have it for a year yet.  I now have a different car.  It was a complete mess and took forever to get my car back.  I have never been so scared in life to get behind the wheel of car again after that. I blacked out for a few minutes after the accident because I don’t remember a few things.  I just remember screaming at my mom to get out of the car.  The airbags and that car saved both of our lives because the impact was pretty bad to my car.

I had to deal with a severely injured wrist for almost two years.  Let me tell you how fun that is especially when you type on a computer all day and it’s your right hand and you are right handed!  I had to wear a brace for quite a while which was very uncomfortable.   It looked very similar to this one:

I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with my wrist.  I had a bunch of cortisone shots, nerve testing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.  The one thing that actually worked was occupational therapy.  It was much more soothing and therapeutic than physical therapy.  My favorite part was getting a paraffin treatment on my hand/wrist.  It mad it feel so much better.  It was determined that I had a ganglion cyst in my wrist. It was VERY painful and literally affected my daily life so much. You don’t realize how much you need your wrist until something is wrong with it.

Eventually, almost two years later, I finally finished therapy and now my wrist is pretty much healed.  There are times when I will get a throbbing or shooting pain down my wrist especially during the change in weather.  It will get tired easily and I don’t have the fullest strength in it but it’s much better than what it was.

On the one year mark of my accident, I was scared to death to get into the car to drive for some reason.  Just mentally, the entire accident destroyed me.  I still get scared to get into my car on the anniversary of the accident.  I need to remember though I am a cautious and careful driver.  I make sure to notice all of my surroundings and I will be okay.  I thank my lucky stars that my mom wasn’t injured and that nothing worse happened to us during that accident.  We were lucky.  Please be careful driving.  Take those extra minutes to make sure you are driving safe and you are aware of your surroundings.

Have you ever been in a car accident? Do you ever get afraid to drive? Do you enjoy driving?

Tonight we are taking Oliver to the vet for a checkup on his paw.  It looks like it’s starting to heal to me.  I just hope that the vet thinks it is too and that he doesn’t need anything done.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that pup will be okay!

Have a great Thursday!  :)

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10 thoughts on “3 Years Ago Today…

  1. Thank god that you both got out of the accident with only minor injuries. Sometimes you can be the most careful driver, but there are so many people on the road who are not.

    I’ve only had one small accident where a guy hit me while I was trying to pull out of a parking spot.

    • Thank you. :) We were very lucky. I totally agree with you. The best is when I see men driving to work in the morning on the turnpike while reading the newspaper! Really?! How can you read and drive at the same time?!

      That is scary! I hate driving in parking lots. People shoot out at all ends!

  2. Is that from McCaffreys? I love their rotisserie!

    So glad you’re ok; when I was 7 our van got rear ended and the rear windshield wiper scraped into the back of my head. It was all very dramatic haha.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m glad you were okay. I’m sorry about your wrist, though. I’ve been in several wrecks, but I was pretty young when they happened. I think if I were ever in a wreck when I was driving, I’d be pretty terrified to get back behind the wheel!

    • Thank you. :) I’m glad that the only bad thing that happened was my wrist. That is scary! Yeah, it definitely took some time for me to get behind the wheel of my actual car again. I’m glad that I did though because it made me much more cautious and aware of my surroundings when driving.

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