A Butternut Squash Filled Evening…

Hi there!  Happy Thursday!  The weekend is so close I can almost taste it!  I cannot wait for this week to just be done and over with.  Like I mentioned in a couple of my posts this week, I’m under a ton of stress at work because a lot of different changes.  I just hope next week brings bigger and better things for me.  I am trying to think positive and be hopeful because after all, Hope is my name.  I should believe in it.  :)

Anyway, I was just so happy to get home. Once I got home, I was finally able to do some blog reading.  I’m not really allowed to go on the internet anymore so if you notice that I haven’t been commenting on your blogs until later in the day, that is why.  While, I was catching up on blog reading, our wedding photographer sent me our engagement pictures.  Let me just tell you, I am completely blown away and I’m so happy!  I absolutely love them.  They look gorgeous! They capture every single possible way that Mike and I are as a couple.  They are what I pictured from the very beginning.  I am not able to show you any of the pictures yet because we don’t have the digital files but once I do you can be sure I will definitely post some of them or when he posts them on his blog.  I can’t wait for you to see them.  Seeing those pictures made me so incredibly happy that he is photographing our wedding.  His work is phenomenal for sure.

Once I was done showing Mike our pictures, we finally decided to start on dinner.  I wanted something simple for dinner.  So I began my usual routine of roasting vegetables.  Tonight I roasted up some butternut squash.  I am falling in love with this squash seriously.  So if you have any good butternut squash recipes, send them my way!  Going with the butternut squash theme, I remembered that I had a package of butternut squash ravioli from Trader Joe’s in my freezer!

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Trader Joe's Ravioli

In addition to making these ravioli, I also sauteed some Johnsonville Apple Chicken Sausage.  I’ve been wanting to buy these for a while but they are expensive.  Last week at the supermarket, they were on sale and I had a coupon so it made for a great sale!

Apple Chicken Sausage

I sauteed some spinach as well and I tossed everything in Newman’s Own Vodka Sauce.  If you haven’t had this sauce, you are missing out!  It’s one of the best jarred vodka sauces I’ve ever had.  I like that if you look at the back of the label of the sauce, you will only see natural ingredients listed and you can pronounce everything in the ingredient list!

Newman's Own Vodka Sauce

My dinner plate

Butternut Squash Ravioli, with sauteed spinach and apple chicken sausage

A delicious dinner

This dinner tasted great!  I liked how well the butternut squash ravioli, spinach, chicken apple sausage and vodka sauce went together.  It gave a sweet yet savory flavor.  The chicken sausage has to be one of the best chicken apple sausages I’ve had.  It’s not too sweet but it has just enough apple taste mixed with a smoky taste.  Oh, and the butternut squash ravioli was delicious!  When you bite into the ravioli you get the great butternut squash flavoring.  I highly recommend trying it.

What is your favorite type of pasta sauce?  Are you a squash fan, if so what is your favorite type?

I’m nervous about tonight because I’m going to the vet with Melissa and my mom and of course Oliver.  Ever since he was little he has been licking his paw like crazy.  He has bad allergies but lately it’s been non-stop.  It’s to the point where it’s bright red, no fur is growing there and there is a slight lump.  We are very worried.  I just hope that he will be okay.  I think it’s very irritated from him licking it all the time.  I hope that is all that it is though.  He is getting older.  He is almost 10 years old but he still acts like a puppy who was just born.  So nothing has affected his personality.  I just hope that he will be okay.  Keep him in your thoughts!

One more thing before I go, on Saturday, I was graciously given the opportunity to attend TASTE Philadelphia Festival of Food, Wine and Sprits at the Valley Forge Convention Center.  This event is taking place the entire weekend starting on Friday.  They are giving my readers 10% off your ticket order if you enter the promo code: FOODIE.  Definitely check it out.  It looks like it’s going to be fun!

Alright, well I should probably get going now.  So have a wonderful Thursday!  :)

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8 thoughts on “A Butternut Squash Filled Evening…

  1. Looking forward to seeing the engagement pictures!! I’m so glad they turned out exactly how you wanted :)

    Sending many good thoughts to Oliver. I hope your little pup is okay!

  2. I have that ravioli waiting patiently to be eaten in my freezer.

    I can’t wait to see the pics! If he did an amazing job on the engagement pictures, you can only imagine how great the wedding pictures will be.

    I heard about the festival and wanted to go, but sadly Tommy is moving into his new NY apartment and we have packing and other things to do this weekend.

    • Yay! That’s awesome. You will have to tell me what you think.

      I can’t wait to show you! Exactly! I am so excited for the pictures that he is going to take for our wedding. :)

      Aw, I’m sorry. Hopefully there will be another event that you can attend soon.

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