Wedding Talk Wednesday: Men’s Wedding Fashion…

Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday!  This is going to be a short week for me.  That can be good or a bad thing because I am so busy.  Tomorrow I have off from work because I am taking Melissa for a procedure to be done.  Then on Friday, I am working a half day because Mike and I getting engagement pictures taken.  You might be thinking, what?  You already had them taken.  Well we did.  Mike and I were not 100% happy with how the pictures turned out.  It wasn’t an example of what our relationship is.  The pictures were very formal looking and that is not us as a couple.  Don’t get me wrong,  I do really like some of them and I am using them for our guest book but I have nothing for our Save the Dates.

When we met with our wedding photographer, we expressed our concerns because he asked us about engagement pictures.  We told him how he felt and he offered to take engagement pictures for us.  I thought that was really nice of him plus it gives us a chance to work with him before our wedding since he will be shooting the entire day.  His work is phenomenal and I cannot wait to work with him.  This time, I am doing my own hair and makeup.  I am doing my own nails and I am not getting dressed up.  I felt uncomfortable during the shoot the other time and I want to be as relaxed and comfortable as I can be.  I want these pictures to be an accurate portrayal of our relationship since these are what will be going on the Save the Dates.  No pressure!  Hah.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these pictures go well. 

So yesterday after work, I went over to Melissa and my mom’s house.  We hung out for a while and then Melissa and I went over to the mall.  I ended up getting two plain but cute long sleeve shirts from Wet Seal for $12 total!  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  Melissa ended up getting a few things from Bath and Body Works and she got me a pumpkin hand sanitizer to keep in my purse!  I love it.  :)  After the mall, we ventured over to Walmart.  You will not believe what we found there!

Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread


I couldn’t believe that the Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Swirl bread was actually there!  I cannot wait for breakfast this weekend!  I’m planning on making pumpkin french toast for sure!  I also stocked up on the Thomas Pumpkin Spice Bagels that I raved about the other day.  Get this, when I bought them at Shoprite I spent $5 on one pack of bagels.  At Walmart, I ended up buying two packs for $5!  ShopRite was a rip off!  I am stocked with pumpkin bagels for a while. They are sitting comfy in my freezer.  Yay!

I also spotted this new product at Walmart from Quaker.

Stila Apple & Cinnamon 100 calorie bar


I brought this with me as a snack for lunch today.  So I will have to report back how it tastes.  It looks good! 

Moving on.  Let’s get to the weekly Wednesday feature, Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Today’s topic is Men’s Wedding Fashion.  Typically no one really talks about the men’s fashion for the wedding.  So that is why I am going to talk a little bit about it today.

For our wedding, we are planning on having the men in the bridal party as well as the fathers and grandfather (Mike’s grandpop, as mine are no longer living) wear tuxes.  We are planning on renting these from Men’s Wearhouse.  It is not a necessity that in all weddings for men to wear tuxedos but typically the bridal party and the groom wear a tux.  Mike has made it extremely clear that he does not want to wear purple.  That is perfectly fine by me.  It’s his day as well and I want him to feel comfortable.  Plus, I think it would look better if he wore something else to distinguish himself as the groom.

Men’s Wearhouse offers a ton of special offers all the time.  So keep your eyes peeled for them.  Also, if you have purchased anything from David’s Bridal, they give you a rewards book filled with coupons that you can use at the Men’s Wearhouse because they are partners which is great!  They also offer with 5 paid rentals, the groom’s tux is free!  That is a great deal.  Also they take $30 off each tux rental. 

I have heard that you don’t need to start shopping for tuxes until 2 months before the wedding. I’m not exactly positive on that estimated time frame but I’m sure it’s pretty close.  I will be calling the store to confirm.  The good thing about MW’s website is that you can find the styles you like and print them out and bring it to the store with you and they will accommodate what you are looking for.  When they take the groom’s measurements, they will need a $40 fully refundable deposit to set up the wedding party.  You pick up the tux 2 days before the wedding and try it on while you are at the store in case of any last-minute alterations need to be done.

I’m not positive on the look of the tux that I would like everyone to wear.  I was thinking since the bridesmaids will be wearing plum, I would like for the groomsman to be wearing either a plum tie and vest or just a plum tie.  I haven’t decided yet.  This is an example of a plum set that I saw on their website.

Product Close Up

I also like the idea of silver too.  I’m so confused.  I like how some of these tux vest colors look in the picture

I could also do something like this:

However instead of Mike in silver maybe put in him in all black or put him in silver, whichever he prefers.  I think that is a nice look.  All of the groomsman will be wearing an ivory shirt because my dress is ivory.  If they wear white, against my dress, it will look dirty.  I definitely want the groomsman in black tuxes also.  I think that looks polished for the type of wedding style that I am going for.  I don’t like a bow tie either.  I like how ties look better.

Here is another example where the groomsman match and the groom is wearing a different color to distinguish himself.

I also had the idea where the groomsman could wear the plum vests and tie and the fathers/grandfathers wear silver.  Then Mike wears just an all black vest and tie.  I don’t think it would mismatched because the fathers/grandfathers won’t be standing up with the bridal party during the ceremony.  I don’t know.  ;)

What is your opinion?  What do you think I should do?  Do you have any ideas of how you would dress your groom and the groomsman?  Or if you are married, what did you do?

Alright enough wedding talk for one day.  There is work to be done.  Have a happy Wednesday!  :)

Oh!  One last thing, I have added the recipe for the kugel (noodle pudding) that Melissa made for our family dinner to the family dinner post.  Definitely check it out if you are interested in trying this recipe.  It’s delicious!

16 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: Men’s Wedding Fashion…

  1. I like the last picture best – love how the groomsmen are wearing ties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

    Also – love Wet Seal! Some of their clothes are so nice :)

    • Me too! I think it looks so classy and it ties everything together when the groomsmen match the bridesmaids.

      Me too! You really have to sort through their clothes though cause some of them are crazy looking. I like that you can get some plain shirts for a reasonable price there. :)

  2. We ended up doing 2 engagement shoots too, but mostly because it snowed for the first one (which was the coolest ever, by the way) but we wanted some that were less “seasonal”. My biggest regret was that I wore a dress and should have just gone for comfort was is so much more my style. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful though no matter what you decide to wear!

  3. For some reason engagement pics are showing up all over my facebook… I love the ones where the girl is in nice jeans, a cute top, and cute heels. Comfy and real, but not out of place.

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