A Simple Kind Of Night…

Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you are having a good start to your week so far.  Mine isn’t bad.  Did anyone catch any new premieres last night?  I watched Dancing with the Stars.  I feel like for the past few seasons I’ve started watching and just got so bored that I stopped.  I think this year, I’m not going to watch again.  I don’t really like anyone competing and there are way too many good shows that are airing on Mondays.  I just wanted to see who the people were this season and if any of them could dance.  I was so bored watching the show.  I wish I could get those two hours of my life back.  Oh well!  At least Glee and 90210 are going on tonight!  I hope 90210 is better than last week.  I thought the season premiere was weak.

Last night, I decided to keep dinner simple.  I roasted some Trader Joe’s teeny tiny potatoes, fresh broccoli and fresh green beans.  Mike and I used the grill pan to make a turkey burger for me and a regular burger for him.  Neither of us felt like using our outdoor grill.  So we just opted for the grill pan. It does the same exact thing and it still tastes just as good!

We seasoned our burgers with ketchup and Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning.

My turkey burger

My dinner plate


Dinner was just what I wanted.  It was simple, and tasted great.  I really love how fresh broccoli tastes roasted!  I haven’t had it roasted in so long and it was on sale at the supermarket so we bought a few crowns.  It’s so good!  It gets nice and crispy!  I just love roasting vegetables.  I think it brings out their natural flavors.

I can’t wait to start eating the winter squash.  I’m looking forward to butternut squash.  I think that is my favorite.  I love roasted butternut squash soup so much!  This year, I’m going to attempt to make it.  That is one of my goals for myself.  It’s such a good soup and one of my favorite restaurants has the BEST roasted butternut squash soup ever!

What is your favorite type of soup?  Mine is roasted butternut squash but I really love all different types of soups.  A close second is New England Clam Chowder in a bread bowl.  It has to be from a restaurant in Boston!  They have the best New England Clam Chowder ever!

Before I go today, I mentioned last week that I am going to make Wedding Talk Wednesday a normal feature around here leading up to my wedding day.  I want to use it as a way for not only myself to get ideas and opinions but to help other people out there who might be planning their special day.  So I wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas for something they would like me to talk about on Wedding Talk Wednesday?  Let me know.  You can either leave a comment on this post or if you want to, you can send me an email instead.

I hope you have a good rest of the day today!  :)

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4 thoughts on “A Simple Kind Of Night…

  1. My favorite soup is baked potato in a bread bowl. I go weak in the knees for it every time. ;) When I can’t have a bread bowl, I like to dip a soft pretzel in it. I didn’t watch any TV last night as I went to a beer pairing dinner at Victory. Can’t wait to recap it. :)

  2. I like creamy soups, like baked potato (favorite) or brocoli cheese. Or French Onion Soup from some chain restaurant across from the KOP movie theater who’s name escapes me right now. Sometimes tomato soup with a grilled cheese is a perfect lunch! I don’t like clams, but twice I’ve had clam chowder – once because I was in Rhode Island (I figured itd be the best place to start!) and once down LBI because it was voted, like, 2nd best in the world. And holy yikes, it WAS.

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