The Best Vegetable Quesadilla I Ever Had…

Good Morning!  Happy Thursday!  We are that much closer to Friday!  Yay!  I am going to make Wedding Talk Wednesday a normal every week feature from now on.  If you have any topics regarding weddings that you would like me to discuss or bring up, just feel free to comment or email me!  :)  Let me start off by saying, I hope you Big Brother fans watched last night!  I said Rachel was going to win all along and who won?  Rachel!!!  So happy for her and Brendan!  She deserved to win after everything she went through in that house.  She fought like hell and definitely deserved to win over Porsche!  Yay!  I’m sad that it’s over.  Now we have to wait until next summer to watch.

All day while I was at work I kept dreaming of a quesadilla for dinner.  I have never made one before but I figured that it was easy enough.  I was thinking of recipes in my head and I finally came up with something.  I was very excited for dinner!

Easy Vegetable Quesadillas

*I didn’t use exact measurements for the amount of vegetables I used. 


Handful of zucchini, sliced

Handful of mushrooms, sliced

Handful of green bell pepper, diced

Handful of grape tomatoes sliced in half and then de-seeded

Mexican blend cheddar cheese

Cooking Spray

Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute (or any mixture of spices you want to use)

2 Whole wheat flour tortillas

Guacamole (optional)

Light Sour Cream (optional)


Start off by slicing and dicing your vegetables.  Make sure the pieces are small enough to fit between two whole wheat flour tortillas.  Spray a skillet with cooking spray.  Toss the vegetables in the pan and season with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute (or whichever spice blend you choose to use).  Cook until softened and slighty browned, about 5 or 6 minutes. 

In another skillet spray cooking spray and place one of the whole wheat tortillas.  Cook until slighty crisp and browned. 

Place the cooked vegetable mixture on top of the tortilla.  Sprinkle some Mexican blend cheddar cheese on top and then place your 2nd tortilla overtop.

Now here is where things get tricky!  Press down on the top of the tortilla to flatten the two tortillas together.  When you are brave enough, take a spatula and place under the tortilla on the bottom and flip it over!  Be careful so that the filling doesn’t come out!  Cook on that side for a few minutes until it reaches the desired crispness that you want.  It should be about 2 or 3 minutes.

Cut into triangles and top with guacamole and  light sour cream if desired.  Enjoy!  :)

Ingredients (ignore the FlatOut wrap, I didn't end up using it because it went bad! I used a different brand of tortillas)



Veggies sliced and diced ready to go!



Veggies Cooking with TJ 21 Seasoning Salute



Vegetables placed ontop of tortilla



Quesadilla ready to be cut into slices!


Vegetable Quesadilla



Topped with some guacamole and light sour cream



Served with a side of Birds Eye Potatoes and String Beans



Take a look at that filling!



Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef Favorites



Birds Eye Side

 The Birds Eye side that I tried was awful!  I later had to toss this side because I couldn’t even eat it!  The flavoring was just awful!  It was in some sort of parmesan sauce that I couldn’t stand the taste of.  I was disappointed because it looked promising.  Not so much!

Let’s talk about the Veggie Quesadilla!  This was the best vegetable quesadilla that I ever had!  I’m not just saying that because I created it either.  The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the seasoning was great!  The tortilla got nice and crisp without it being fried.  The cheese melted nicely throughout the vegetables.  It was filling too!  I REALLY liked this a lot!  It didn’t take long to prepare either.  I definitely think I will be making this more often.  It would make for a really delicious lunch too!  Yum!  :) 

I was very happy with my dinner.  I just wish I would have had time to make guacamole from scratch.  I like how fresh guacamole tastes as opposed to packaged guacamole.  I had to get rid of the package though because it was getting ready to expire.  Fresh guacamole is always the best!  This one tasted a bit too garlicy to me. 

Question time!  Do you like creating your own recipes or do you like following a recipe better?  Would you ever be able to compete on a show like Big Brother, being disconnected from the outside world with no television, internet, music and you can’t even leave the house?

Time to get back to work!  Have a good day!  :)

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