Wedding Talk Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses…

Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the week!  I’m happy about that!  I was thinking of ways to add some things to the blog a bit and I was thinking about doing Wedding Talk Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday, I will discuss something wedding related.  Would you like that feature?  I think it would give me a way to have one day a week specifically focused on wedding related topics.  Before I get to my first feature for today, let’s discuss last night.

I was nervous last night because our landlord was going to be coming over to inspect some things that we have been wanting to get fixed in our home since we moved in over a year ago.  This was our first time meeting the landlord since our previous landlord was terminated from the company.  I didn’t know what to expect especially since everything happened with the flood in our place.  Luckily, she was really nice and agreed with us on things that need be repaired/replaced.  So now it’s just a waiting game as she goes to her higher-ups and see’s what they say.  I hope things will get fixed!  It was nice to finally meet her face to face and have her see what we were talking about in person.

After our meeting, Mike and I decided to make a pizza using Pillsbury pizza dough crust.  Our pizza that we made over the weekend didn’t turn out right so I wanted to chance to make a good pizza this time.  This time it was perfect!

Pizza (Pepperoni for Mike, plain for me!)


My dinner plate


Fluffy pizza crust!


Yum!  This pizza definitely made up for the not so good pizza over the weekend.  I think I’m back to really liking the Pillsbury Pizza crust again.  I’d like to make my own from scratch at some point.  I think that would be cool.  The rest of the night we spent watching tv!  I was disappointed with the season premiere of 90210!  I thought it was weak and it jumped around a bit.  I’m not liking the new guy character either.  I’m hoping it gets better.  Oh, and the Ringer.  I couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of that show.  It was awful!  Disappointing night on tv for sure!  Moving along!

Let’s get to the topic of Bridesmaids dresses.  Most brides have a vision in their heads of how they want their bridesmaids to look at their wedding.  Once you have the color nailed down, it makes finding a dress for all of your girls much easier.  You need to take in consideration that everyone has a different body type and shape.  My concern is making sure everyone is comfortable, and likes how they look in the dress that I choose. 

I am having 4 bridesmaids.  That is including my sister, Melissa, who is the Maid of Honor.  My other bridesmaids are my friend Courtney.  Her and I have been friends since high-school.  My friend Kristen who is actually married to Mike’s childhood friend Russ.  Her and I have become really close ever since we met.  Not to mention, they have the cutest daughter who I have posted pictures of on here before.  My last bridesmaid is my friend/co-worker, Tarra.  Her and I started our jobs on the same day and throughout the past couple of years have become really close.

I’m thinking of putting Melissa in a different dress to distinguish her as the Maid of Honor. Plus, she found a super cute bridesmaids dress that she really likes!  So I’m probably going to put the other girls in the same dress.  I would like for them to all match.  I am going with short dresses since our wedding is in August. Regardless, I have always envisioned the bridesmaids wearing a short dress, most likely silk material so that it will coincide with my wedding gown.  I cannot stand taffeta!  Therefore, no one will be wearing taffeta!

The color that I chose for the dresses is plum.  It is the most beautiful color purple!  It is exactly what I was looking for too.  Now, I’m going to show you some choices for bridesmaids dresses.  I’m not going to say which one Melissa likes, or the ones that I like for the bridesmaids.  I want to keep the final choices a surprise!  But I do want to show you some that I really like and get your opinions!

Option #1


This dress is so pretty!  I love the style of it and everything.  It looks elegant and classy!  Please note, this is the color that I am going with!  Plum!

Option #2

I am head over heels in love with this dress!  I love the one shoulder style!  I think it’s SO pretty!!  Plus, I think it would be very flattering on all body types.

Option #3


I think this style is  classic.  I think it would also be flattering on all body types.

Option # 4

This is not the plum color but note the style.  I really like this style dress!  I think this could be a great dress as well!

Option #5

This dress is very similar to option #4, but if you notice there are some subtle differences. 

So those are some things that I am thinking.  What is your opinion?  Do you like any of my choices? 

I’m thinking of the girls wearing silver shoes.  I think that would look pretty with the plum.  Melissa and I are going to wear the same style shoes but in different colors.  So I want the other bridesmaids to all wear the same shoe but in a different style than what Melissa and I are going to wear.  I think it would be cute if Melissa and I matched our shoes.  Not that anyone is really going to see my shoes.  I am planning on wearing plum-colored shoes to match the bridesmaids dresses.  So excited about colored shoes under the ivory dress!  Would you/Did you wear colored shoes on your wedding day?

Alright well let me know what you think about the new idea of Wedding Talk Wednesday!  I’m interested to hear what you think!  Have a good day!  Big Brother finale tonight!  Team Rachel!!

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15 thoughts on “Wedding Talk Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses…

  1. I like 4 and 5 the best. Things I’ve noticed from trying on bmaid dresses, is that ones with straps can have really tiny arm holes and the armpit area pinches. I’m a strapless fan.

    • I didn’t even think about that! Thank you for bringing up that point. :) It’s hard to find a dress that will look good on everyone. I’m hoping that at least one of these dresses manages to do that :)

  2. Hm I’m opposite from Kelly, from my MOH shopping with my sister, I’m loving strapped dresses. One, because I have big boobs and it’s more comfortable for me. I know I can wear a regular bra and I won’t be pulling up my dress all night. Two, because I think it’s different. Everyone does strapless now, ya know? I think it’s unexpected to have a strapped dress. So I like 2 and 3 best; but I think 3 more. One-shoulder could prove to be too trendy, but I think 3 is classic like you said.

    PS re your comment – if you wanna open a WP business I can help out weekends and summers!!!! but you’re the expert ha.

    • Strapped dresses are pretty! You do make a very good point too. I have a two girls who have big boobs. So that is why I was leaning towards the one shoulder, although I don’t know if they will be comfortable or not for them. #3 is a good option too! I can’t wait to see what the dresses will look like on the girls. : )

      I am totally going to take you up on that!!! :) It is my dream to open a wedding planning business. :)

  3. I like #2 the best, with #3 a very close second and I absolutely adore the plum colors. So gorgeous! I love the idea of plum shoes for you to match the bridesmaids. I always thought of doing the same when I get married.

    I’m loving the Wedding Talk Wednesday idea. I love weddings and all the planning that goes along with it!

    I have 90210 DVRed to watch later, if I ever get through my freaking homework!

    • That is awesome! I’m loving #2 the best so far too! I love the one shoulder look! I like all of the dresses though. I think it’s going to be really hard to make a decision. I’m glad I’m not alone with the colored shoes! I think it makes it exciting! Most of the time no one see’s your shoes anyway! :)

      Yay! I’m glad that you like this new segment. I think it will be fun plus it will give me a chance to get some ideas and opinions. :) Me too!! I love all things wedding.

      Ugh, I hope you managed to get through your homework okay! :)

    • Thanks! :) I’m glad that you like all of them! The first one most definitely is beautiful. I think I’m going to have a really hard time choosing which dress I like the best. I can’t wait to see what they look like in person on the girls! :) Those would have been really pretty colors! I’m thinking of doing plum, and silver with a hint of fuschia mostly for the flower aspects. :)

  4. Love Wedding Talk Wednesday since I’m in full wedding mode too! I love dress #2 I think it would be the most flattering on all types of body shapes. I want black bridesmaid dresses, and when I told my one friend she yelled YESSSS! I want something just below the knee and with some sort of strap. I like the one strap idea :)

    • I’m glad that you like the idea of Wedding Talk Wednesday! I’m so happy for you! :) I totally agree with you. I’m loving the one strap look. I think it looks modern yet elegant at the same time. Black bridesmaids dresses will look very pretty! I can’t wait to see what you choose :)

    • Thank you! :) I agree! I am in love with the plum color. The funny thing is that the consultant at David’s Bridal said they discontinued plum and people got very angry and upset so they just recently brought it back! I’m glad about that because it’s such a goregous color. I think plum is a color that will be flattering on everyone. :)

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