Fall TV Excitement…

Good Morning!  Happy Monday!  I hope all of you had a lovely weekend!  I want to start off by saying that yesterday was a very emotional day for all Americans.  I am glad to see how united this country is even 10 years after 9/11.  The specials that aired on tv were so emotional and raw.  My heart truly goes out to all of you affected by that awful day.  Never forget!  I will always remember where I was at that exact moment.  I was a senior in high school.  The teachers at staff at my school did a terrible job handling the situation.  They didn’t tell any of us anything!  We were hidden in the dark, the entire day.  All I heard were random comments that people were making in the hallways from receiving text messages from their parents.  I so wish that we would have been able to watch what was transpiring on tv.  I think the school handled everything in a wrong way.  I remember the rest of the night I was glued to the tv watching all of the coverage, crying and wondering why this had to happen.  I remember it united the country in a way that I had never seen before.  For that, I am proud to be an American.

I didn’t want to start my blog entry off on a solemn note but I wanted to express my feelings towards everything yesterday since I didn’t update yesterday.  Moving right along, when I left off on Saturday, Mike and I had a ton of errands to run.  I finally got my beloved Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice k-cups!  If you haven’t tried these you are missing out!

It feels good to be stocked with coffee in the house again!  I was going crazy without my coffee.  We also stopped at a few other stores with things that we had to get done.  It was a productive day.  When we got home, we decided to make Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza.  For some reason when we made the pizza it didn’t turn out the way that it always does.  Strange!  I wonder if the dough went bad.  I’m not sure.

Pizza (which side is mine, can you guess?)

My dinner plate

We just stayed in Saturday night and relaxed.  We ended up finding a free movie on Encore On-Demand to watch.  It was a movie that I wanted to see when it was in theaters.  We watched When In Rome.  I thought it was a cute movie.  It was a little cheesy but I liked it.  I feel like I’m on a Josh Dummel kick!  The last two movies I watched, he was in them.  I like that we were able to stay in a watch a movie for free.  :)

Sunday morning, I woke up and didn’t feel too great.  I think it might have been from the pizza or I don’t know what.  It took a couple of hours for me to get to feeling better.  At least it gave me some time to just lay on the sofa and catch up on Drop Dead Diva.  I am so far behind on that show!  After I was feeling better, I went over to Melissa and my mom’s house and picked them up!  Our first stop was ShopRite to pick up a $25 gift card that they had given me for my terrible experience at their store.  After that, we stopped at Bath and Body Works!  They were having a huge sale!  I ended up getting 4 antibacterial hand-soaps (love them from there!) for $15, a free small candle, and a free small hand lotion!  Love it!  I got some really good smelling flavors!  My favorite hand-soaps that I got were the following:


Cranapple Crisp

Caramel Apple

Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Their antibacterial foaming hand-soaps are a favorite in my home!  I love the majority of their flavors.  I’m loving their fall scents!  They also have really good smelling candles.  If there is something about me that you should know, it’s that I LOVE candles!  I cannot get enough of them.  As soon as you walk into my house, you see my love for candles.  They are just so comforting!

After shopping, we went to a different ShopRite that usually has really good customer service, plus it’s a HUGE store!  I really like how that store is set up.  ShopRite is having a massive sale this week!  A lot of the items on sale match extremely well with the coupons.  That means you can go home with a bunch of products for free or close to free!  I did VERY well at the supermarket.  I was proud of myself.  I got a ton of items.  My total came to almost $60.  Once they took off coupons, store coupons that were put on my Price Plus Card, along with my $25 gift card, I only ended up paying $20!  Not bad if you ask me!  I don’t think I will need to buy peanut butter or salad dressing for at least 6 months or so!   was happy with the good job I did at the supermarket.  Melissa is excellent at couponing.  When you put her and I together, it’s guaranteed that you will save money!

After the supermarket, I hung out at their house for a little while and then I head home for Mike and I to figure out what were having for dinner.  I ended up buying a Birds Eye Voila! meal for us to try.  This time it was Chicken Parmesan.

Chicken Parm!

My dinner plate

Texas Garlic Toast, with Chicken Parm, and some roasted green beans & brussels sprouts

Mike and I worked so well in the kitchen together.  He took care of preparing the Bird’s Eye meal while I prepared our salad and the veggies for roasting.  I think it’s fun when him and I cook in the kitchen together. It gives us a chance to bond of over my love of cooking.

I wasn’t a fan of this Chicken Parmesan.  I didn’t like the way the sauce tasted.  I don’t like eating frozen bagged meals all the time but I did have a coupon and it was on sale.  I just didn’t like how this one tasted too much.  Oh well.

Who is excited for Fall tv premieres?!  I am super excited!!  I am going to post the new shows that I am looking forward to watching!

I’m sure I missed some shows but those are some that are on my mind that I am looking forward to watching.  Obviously I have my normal shows that I can’t wait for them to come back!  One show that I am really going to miss that was cancelled was Brother’s and Sisters.  It’s going to be weird not watching that Sunday nights. 

What new fall shows are you looking forward to watching?  Favorite Bath and Body Works scents?

Alright time to get back to work.  Happy Monday!  :)

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10 thoughts on “Fall TV Excitement…

  1. Yesterday was such a tough day. It’s surreal to think it’s been ten years, isn’t it? Sometimes it feels like only yesterday. I so agree about focusing on the unity that came from that day … the heroes, the hope, the faith … they’re all so important to remember.

    And on another note – I’m looking forward to X-Factor, too. I’ve missed having Simon on tv! :)

    • It is definitely surreal! I cannot believe that it’s been 10 years already.

      Me too!! I didn’t watch American Idol this past season because I just couldn’t get into it. I missed Simon’s comments. I cannot wait for this new show. I hope it’s good! :)

  2. I love your blog. You have so many good tips, recipes and advice about where to eat out. Of course, I really enjoy hearing all about what Mike and you do. It upsets me that people have been leaving rude comments on your blog. Why are they wasting their time and your time with negative words. I have to mention on here that I, too, am looking forward to watching the same new Fall TV programs as you are. What makes me so sad and angry is the fact that ABC is cancelling my soap operas.What a bad choice on their part. Okay…now I’m off to Rita’s to try their candy apple water ice. Of sourse I’m getting it with vanilla gelati and caramel sauce. Thanks Hope! Keep up the good work.

  3. I can’t believe its been 10 years since 9/11. I was a freshman in high school and it was the second day of school. I had bio lab second period and the principal came on the loudspeakers and told us that two planes hit the World Trade Center. We have a really great view of the skyline from the top of my block and I remember walking home from school and just seeing black smoke pouring into the sky from downtown. It still gives me chills thinking back to that day.

    On a brighter not I can’t wait for New Girl and Up All Night! And I want pumpkin spice coffee! I want a Keurig coffee maker sooo bad!

    • I know! It’s crazy to think that it was 10 years ago! That must have been crazy to have seen all of that from your block!

      Keurig’s are most definitely worth the money, especially if you drink a lot of coffee. I definitely recommend them. :)

    • You know I usually buy the Pumpkin Spice k-cups every year and this year I’m not so impressed with it either. I wonder if they changed something about it. I’m sorry that you didn’t like it. I like stronger coffee too! :)

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