Thai Chicken Stir-Fry…

Good Morning!  I hope you are having a great morning so far!  My morning has been hectic.  The internet was down here at work.  So I had to contact our IT department about it.  Luckily, as you can tell from me blogging right now, it’s back up!  Yay!  It’s weird because yesterday our electricity went out at work randomly for like 20 minutes.  So strange!  I guess it’s still some effects from the storm or something.  I’m just glad that the internet is up and running right now!  :)

For the past week, I have been wanting to make a Thai dish.  Funny story about this actually.  Mike and I had bought a bottle of Thai Peanut Sauce from Target last week.  I was going to make this dish last week and then clumsy me dropped the entire bottle all over our kitchen floor!!!  This is like the third thing that has dropped on our kitchen floor since we have lived there.  That floor does not have good luck!  Anyway, I was really upset about it because it was expensive and I wanted to use it. 

One day last week when Mike got home from the gym, he had told me that he went to two different Target’s looking for the sauce and couldn’t find it so he found one at a local supermarket.  He bought it cause he knew how upset I was.  I thought that was really sweet! So last night was the night I was going to use this sauce.  Trust me, when I say, I was very careful handling the bottle!



Thai Peanut Sauce


Thai Chicken Stir-Fry


1 package of boneless skin-less chicken breasts, diced

1/4 cup of Thai Peanut Sauce

1 package of spinach

2 small heads of broccoli, chopped

Some handfuls of mushrooms

Half a bag of frozen multi-colored peppers




Spray a wok with cooking spray and let heat up.  Season the diced chicken breasts with salt and pepper.  Put the chicken in the wok and cook until no longer pink.

Add the broccoli, mushrooms, and peppers and saute until cooked.

Add the spinach and cook until wilted.

Pour in the Thai Peanut Sauce and toss to coat.  Remove from heat and serve over brown rice or whole wheat noodles.

Pouring sauce over the stir fry!


I served the stir fry over brown rice with additional roasted veggies


Thai Chicken Stir Fry


I served our dinner with steamed edamamae with sea salt.

Steamed edamame and sea salt


Soy beans!


This dinner was really good!  It was my first time eating anything Thai!  I really liked it.  Plus, I’m obsessed with edamame as of lately!  I cannot get enough of that stuff!  What is your favorite Asian inspired meal?

After dinner, Mike and I caught up on Big Brother since we didn’t have electricity when it aired on Sunday night.  Also, I’ve really gotten into the new ABC Family show called The Lying Game.  I know it’s cheesy and all but I actually really like it!  I am a fan of most ABC Family shows.  Do you watch any of them?

I should probably get back to work now.  Have a good day!  :)

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6 thoughts on “Thai Chicken Stir-Fry…

    • That is awesome!! I’ve never actually gone to a Thai restaurant before. I definitely want to try though! Thai and Indian are two types of food that I really want to try! :)

      Me too!!! It’s seriously SO good!!!

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