Cupcakes & A Trip to Maryland…

Good Morning!  Can you believe it’s Monday already?!  This weekend flew by entirely too fast and now I’m so exhausted.  It was so hard to get up this morning.  I wanted to just sleep in for a few hours longer but sadly, I was unable to do that because I needed to be here at work.  Hopefully this day will go by pretty quickly so I can get home and sleep!  I am going to need lots of coffee today to stay awake!  Did you have a good weekend?  What did you do?

Let’s catch you up on my weekend.  Let’s see, on Friday after work, I went home for a little bit to relax.  I made a new kind of Ravioli that I bought at Trader Joe’s to bring over to Melissa and my mom’s house for dinner.

Arugula & Parmigiano Reggiano Ravioli


Trader Joe's Ravioli


My dinner plate


I didn’t really care for that ravioli all that much.  I think the other varieties of ravioli that I have tried from TJ have been a lot better.  I was disappointed but at least now I know that I am not a big fan of that product.

After dinner, Melissa and I went out and did some shopping.  We had to get some ingredients for cupcakes we were going to make on Saturday.  After shopping, we decided to head over to Princeton to go to Triumph for some drinks.  It was packed in Princeton!  We finally managed to get a parking spot and wouldn’t you know, they were charging a $5 cover.  Um, no thanks!  So we left and went to Houlihan’s instead.  It wasn’t bad there because it was pretty relaxed.  I got my Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat Ale.  Yum!  So tasty!  I highly recommend it if you are not usually a beer drinker.  It tastes like cherries!  So good!  :)  I had a lot of fun spending time with Melissa.  We were both so tired so we decided to go home and call it a night.

Saturday morning, I didn’t really sleep that great, which made me tired for the rest of the day.  Anyway, Melissa and my mom came over to my place to bake cupcakes.  I needed something to bring to Mike’s Aunt’s house that we were going to for Father’s Day.  When I came across a recipe on Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s blog for Orange Cream Soda Pop Cupcakes, I knew we had to bake these!  We followed her recipe exactly except that I didn’t have egg substitute in my house so I just used 4 eggs.  They came out perfectly and tasted even better!  They really do taste like an orange creamsicle!!!



Pretty cupcakes


We had so much fun baking these cupcakes!  The only thing that was annoying is that I don’t have a mixer.  So it took a while to mix everything by hand.  That is okay.  One day I will own a precious KitchenAid mixer!  :)

After baking, we decided to head to Kohl’s to see if I could find anything to wear for my upcoming engagement pictures with Mike.  Luckily, my mom ended up finding the perfect dress for me to wear!  I really like it and I think it will look great in pictures.  I’m still going to keep an open mind though in case I see something somewhere else but regardless I love this dress!  Plus, it’s a purple color which is perfect for these pictures!  :)

After shopping for a while, I went home and Mike and I decided that we wanted to go out for dinner Saturday night.  I remembered that I bought my Groupon for Aaring on Friday so we decided to go there!  I started off with a glass of Cabernet and Mike got a beer.

We shared an order of fried rice, which is absolutely amazing there!

Fried Rice


I ordered a Coconut Shrimp Roll and a California Roll.

My dinner


Mike ordered their version of General’s Chicken.

Mike's dinner


I made sure to steal all of the broccoli off of his plate!  ;)  I don’t think he minded.  It tasted so fresh and delicious.  Mike’s meal was really good too!  I love going to that place!  It never disappoints.  So good!  :)

After dinner, I received a phone call from one of my really good friends, Mark from the college that I went to for 2 years before I transferred to the college that I graduated from and eventually met Mike.  I was so excited to hear from him!!  I have seen him a couple of times over the past year but it’s definitely not enough.  It’s hard because he lives in North Jersey so it’s a while away.  It was great to catch up and I cannot wait to go visit him!  After talking on the phone, I was exhausted. 

Sunday morning, we woke up pretty early because we had a long ride to Maryland.  We were going to Mike’s Aunt’s house who lives in Maryland to celebrate Father’s Day with his family.  I knew Sunday was going to be hard for me.  I often found myself trying to hold back tears while reading all of these nice things that people were posting on facebook or twitter about their dad’s.  I sat there day dreaming and wishing that I could say those things about mine.  This was the first year ever that I didn’t get my dad a father’s day card or even call him.  That was extremely hard for me.  He has just hurt my family, meaning myself, Melissa and my mom more than I can even express into words.  He has done a lot of heartless things and said hurtful things that no one wants to ever hear their father say.  I just couldn’t bring myself to call him or send him a card.  I don’t know if that is mean or not but he has hurt me and my family so deeply.

I wondered if he was even thinking of Melissa and I or if he feels bad about anything that he does done.  I honestly don’t think he does.  That is the part that hurts the most.  I tried to be strong.  I try to remember that for the majority of my life my mom took on the role of the mother and father and for that I am thankful.  I am also thankful that over the past 5 and a half years, Mike’s dad has acted more like a father to me.  For that, I am happy.  So I tried to put things aside and just enjoy the day.

The ride was VERY long.  It took us almost 3 hours to get there.  When we got there, his aunt set up a barbecue with a lot of food.  It seemed like everyone liked my cupcakes.  So that was good.  It took a very long time to get home.  We stopped at Red Robin on the way home to eat dinner.

Red Robin


I ordered a cheeseburger.



Mike and I didn’t end up getting home until almost 9pm.  We were so exhausted from such a long day!  We watched tv for a little bit before calling it a night.  What a long weekend!  It would have been nice to have today off.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Did you do anything for Father’s Day?  What are you looking forward to this week?

Time to get working.  Have a good day!  :)

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8 thoughts on “Cupcakes & A Trip to Maryland…

  1. Orange Cream Soda Pop Cupcakes?!! Those sound AH-MAZING!! Now you’ve got me wanting to bake cupcakes! Haha.

    We had a nice little brunch for Father’s Day – it was such a nice day out and we ate then took a walk by the water. Perfect day if you ask me!

    I’m already looking forward to the weekend this week! Haha.

  2. Oh goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that about your father. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, especially by a parent. Not contacting him yesterday sounds tough, but you also have to do what’s right for you. If he’s hurt you and your family that much, then you certainly have a right to your feelings. You ARE strong to deal with this every day and still approach the world with optimistic eyes. That’s so admirable.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Shari. :) I appreciate it. I totally agree that no one deserves to be treated like this by a parent. It truly makes me realize how I want my future children to have a father who loves them, cares about them and supports them. I think that is so important. It was extremely hard on Father’s Day. I hope one day I will be able to have a relationship with dad.

  3. Hi Hope! We met several weeks ago at Jon and Diane’s and I just wanted to say hi and that I found your blog – with no problem, I might add. I am impressed! I started a crop share (not sure if you know what that is) and started a blog about it if you want to learn more:
    I don’t post that often but its worth checking out :) Hopefully we will see you again sometime! I’ll keep an eye on your blog!

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