A New View On The Highway…

Good Morning!  Unfortunately, it’s Monday.  I’m somewhat happy though because my birthday is on Friday!  I love birthdays.  I love being able to celebrate with people when it’s their birthday.  It’s fun!  Anyway, this morning was my first morning with my new car and my long commute to work.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified of the drive this morning.  What made matters worse was the fact that it is pouring rain outside.  It was weird driving my normal commute that I have been making to work for the past 4 and a half years and seeing it from a different prospective.  Since I’m in an SUV, I can see things at a completely different height and angle.  I have to say I like this view much better!  I feel so safe in my car.  I haven’t felt that and I haven’t been able to say that when I had my old car.  It’s nice to be able to say that with this one.  I am very happy with my purchase.  Now I’m just nervous that someone is going to swing their car door into mine in my work parking lot.  I might have to go check on it because I hope I parked in a spot that will be alright.

After posting yesterday, Mike and I ran some errands.  Did you know that BJ’s is offering a free 60-day trial membership?  We got the free trial yesterday.  We have it until the end of May.  I totally recommend printing it out and bringing it to the store!  The gas at BJ’s is so much cheaper than everywhere else.  I’m looking forward to using this trial membership for that.  Plus, sometimes they have really good deals on toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissues.  I like when you can stock up on that stuff.  It makes it much easier.  After BJ’s we went to Old Navy.  I saw one shirt I liked but the line was SO long. It wasn’t worth it to stand in such a long line for one shirt.  So we left.  Then we went to the supermarket and came home.

We relaxed at home for a while and then went over to Mike’s parent’s house.  Mike’s mom ordered us dinner from a pizza place.  I decided on a pizza steak, which is steak, sauce and cheese.

Pizza Steak

Look at the melted cheese

It was really good.  I loved the cheese and the sauce.  Yum!  Do you like steak sandwiches?  Have you ever had a real Philly cheesesteak in Philly?  I actually have never had Pat’s or Geno’s steaks.  My favorite Philly cheesesteak place is Steve’s Prince of Steaks.  I think theirs are really good!  I also like Tony Luke Jr’s place.  Mike and I tried his steaks in the summer when Mike took me on a Food Tour of Philly.  It was pretty cool.  That was a really good steak sandwich too. 

After dinner, we went over to Rita’s for free water ice!  The line was ridiculous!  It literally wrapped halfway around the building!  Mike and I copied off of each other and got the Butterscotch Krimpet flavor.  A Butterscotch Krimpet is a Tastykake.  It’s a Philadelphia staple. 

This water ice was so good!  It really tasted exactly like a krimpet.  I bet it would taste good in a gelati with vanilla ice cream!  What is something that someone should try if they visit your town?  What is your town famous for?

Alright well I should probably get back to work now since I wasn’t able to come in this weekend.  Lots to do!  Keep dry with all of this rain!

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8 thoughts on “A New View On The Highway…

  1. Jim’s on South St is probably my favorite steak place. Followed by Pat’s then Geno’s. Geno’s has amazing cheese fries, though. I’ve never had Tony Luke’s or Steve’s. It’s actually been a while since we went for cheesesteaks. The last time was when Scott was in town from Chicago and the traffic midday that Saturday was SO bad we just turned around and went home. I think I may suggest going soon. :)

    • YES. Thank you. Jims is far and above the best! Tony Luke’s second, I guess. And then I put pats/genos way down the bottom of the list. Blech. I’ll take a cheesesteak from a local pizza place anyday though; can’t get a bad steak in the Greater Philly area!

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