Secret Restaurant?

As most of my usual posts state, I am freezing!  I am seriously beyond the point of freezing sitting here at work.  Now more and more people are complaining about how cold they are!  Even guys are complaining and putting on sweatshirts.  My hands right now feel like blocks of ice.  Is it necessary to really make an office THIS cold??  I know that it’s like over 90 degrees outside but come on now, it’s September.  It’s fall.  Don’t blast the air conditioning so high in this building.  There is no point.  I am wearing like 3 layers and it’s still not helping matters any!  I think I post in my blog at least once a week about how cold I am at work.  It’s ridiculous.  I am so scared for the winter because then it’s even worse!  I complained to facilities last year and the guy sent out a nasty email saying that he couldn’t do anything.  He was such a jerk.  Whatever.  I am going to be smart this winter and definitely bundle up and possibly see if I can bring in a space heater.  This is horrible.

Enough about my rambling about being cold.  I am going to dream of myself sitting on a beach drinking a tropical drink.  Haha, maybe that will warm me up.  Moving on to my lunch!

I brought a hummus and turkey flat-out wrap with lettuce, cucumbers and a slice of American cheese.


I had a Honeynana Chobani Champions greek yogurt.

I really like this flavor.  I love the banana flavor of the yogurt.  I used to be obsessed with banana yogurt and I would eat one every single day until I got really tired of it.  Haha.  But having banana yogurt every once in a while is always a treat for me.  :)

I also brought along carrot slices and spinach and artichoke hummus for a snack later.

Don’t mind the gross picture of the hummus!  I assure you, this hummus is amazing!  I also brought along another LaCroix Grapefruit sparking water. refreshing!

What is everyone doing this weekend?  Tonight Mike and I are going into Center City, Philadelphia to take part in Restaurant Week!  Have you ever experienced Restaurant Week?  Restaurant Week is for a limited time, certain restaurants offer a 3 course meal for $35 a person.  These restaurants are normally VERY expensive and therefore at the end of the night, you will most likely end up spending well over $35 a person for dinner. So we definitely had to take advantage of this.  A restaurant that we have been wanting to go to but it is way too expensive is on the list.  I am not going to give away what restaurant we are going to because I want to do a post on it tomorrow.  So you will just have to wait and see!  :)  I hope it’s good.  Last weekend, I talked to Mike’s cousin about it and she said they have amazing food.  I like that Mike’s two girl cousins love going to different restaurants around the city like me.  They always are fun to talk to about that kind of stuff.  :)

Speaking of which, this is a great time to talk about a restaurant that we went to on Valentine’s Day weekend.  Mike and I went down to Atlantic City, NJ for Valentine’s Day weekend with another couple we are friends with.  I was in charge of all of our dining plans so I did not want to disappoint!  Mike’s cousin had told me about this restaurant in Atlantic City called Chef Viola’s (no website but if you type it in Google you can read all of the stories about this place).  It is an exclusive restaurant hidden in AC.  There are no signs outside of it, and it looks like someone’s house.  Well, that is because it is!  You are eating dinner in the basement of this families home.  Many celebrities have gone there such as Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Even Frank Sinatra would go there at every chance he could get.  They have turned away several people.  Even Billy Crystal was turned away!  The only way you can get a reservation there is if you know someone who has dined there before.  Mike’s cousin told me to use his grandparents name and I should be able to get a reservation.  I was so nervous to call!!!  I found the number and as soon as I answered I was asked how did I get the number, how did I hear about them, and who do I know who has been there before?  I mentioned Mike’s grandparents names and SCORE!  I got us a table!!!!!  I was SHOCKED!  You have to pay in cash at the restaurant and it’s a BYOB and they don’t have an actual menu!  The waiter reads everything to you at the table.  Needless to say, this impressed Mike and our friends that we got a table at the restaurant! 

This was one of the BEST Italian restaurants I have ever been to.  It’s a small place with celebrities pictures hanging up in the entrance.  The bread they served was the best bread I ever had!  The portions were huge!!!  Mine was so big that our friend’s husband even ate the rest of my dinner!  I definitely want to go back to this place sometime.  If anyone is planning on going to AC and wants to try this place, definitely do!  You can always email me for any questions and whatnot.  Definitely look this place up on google!  You will be amazed at what people say about it. Have you ever been to restaurant like this?

Ok, enough rambling.  I must get back to work now!  Have a great rest of the day!  :)  TGIF!

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